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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size263.1 MB
Latest Version3.5.1.7617

If you are looking for a rhythm game that features some cool and trendy music, you might consider putting NEXT Music on your mobile! The game is described as a virtual music festival that features a huge library of music. If you know how games like Guitar Hero and even the Tap Tap Revenge work then you should know how NEXT Music is being played. What really makes the game more distinctive are the story-driven albums and the Live music from your favorite artists and YouTubers. If you think you have what it takes to become the next virtual music festival champ, feel free to explore NEXT Music and let your epic musical journey begins.

NEXT MusicThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple but absolutely requires extensive skills to win and complete each song. The main objective, just like any rhythm games that fall into the same category, is to finish the song by tapping the colored tiles on the so-called “note highway” on a very timely manner. Since this is a rhythm game, timing plays a very crucial role in winning. Players are strongly encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and to show off the best of their eye and hand coordination to maximize their chances in winning.

The main campaign of this game allows you to play a series of albums. Each album is composed of many different stages and each stage features an entirely different soundtrack. To top it all, NEXT Music described these songs and albums as “interactive”. The game comes with a compelling plot that follows a journey of an aspiring musician and his journey to stardom. You will interact with various non-playable characters and you must complete all levels in order to progress.

NEXT MusicHuge Collection of Music and Live Videos

NEXT Music offers a huge collection of music which is taken from both indie and internationally known artists. Most of the songs were notably remixed from different DJs and bands like Dirtyphonics, Manila Killa, R3hab, EDX, and many more. You will also encounter various genre of music such as Classical, Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, Disco, and even Christmas songs. To discover all the songs that you can unlock, simply tap the Library button from the main menu and it will prompt you to the entire library of music in this game.

In case you are interested with the song and yet you are not in that chapter or episode, you can unlock or buy the song using the virtual gold coins that you earned after completing each song or challenge. Another unique feature of NEXT Music is Live Streaming. This part is not actually a game but more of a simple live streaming community. Tap the Live Button from the main menu and it prompts you to the Live Stream showcasing various YouTube artists and creators on their live videos. You can show your support by tapping the Fire button or by following them to their account.

NEXT MusicTeam Builder and Tournaments

NEXT Music also comes with a Team Building option. The teams are identified by colors. You can select and manage your own team and you can take advantage of it in many ways. Being on a team allows you to use abilities during the song. Abilities will automatically activate unique bonuses during the challenge. The team also relies on the Monsters that you collect from the packages you earn after completing each challenge.  They come in different rarities and they also come in different abilities.

Interestingly, if you are looking for a bigger challenge, you might also consider entering the tournaments. Joining Tournaments allows you to win trophies and XP points. The only notable downfall of NEXT Music is the overwhelming ads. They show up unskippable ads after every level. In addition to that, they will also give you the option to watch a rewarded video to revive the game in case you failed. However, when you refuse to watch the ads, the game will still show you another unskippable advertisement so it would be ideal to watch the rewarded video anyway.

NEXT MusicThe Verdict

The concept of NEXT Music is absolutely interesting. The interactive and story-driven albums are a wonderful approach and something you cannot commonly find in most rhythm games. It is also an interesting idea to add the Live Music feature as it gives players a different area to explore. Appearance-wise, NEXT Music offers a visually stunning interface that changes dramatically per album or soundtrack. It could have been an amazing game only if they lessen the ads. Overall, it is still a great app and absolutely worth a download. Currently, NEXT Music is available for both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and have fun!

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