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PublisherBroken Reality
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size MB
Latest Version1.3.0

the big capitalist
Simple, fun and addictive! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe this incremental game from Broken Reality. The Big Capitalist is an idle game that features an ambitious businessman who wants to make it big in the industry. The goal is simple; make your business grow until you become one of the wealthiest business tycoons. The tricky part, however, is that you are going to start from the bottom.  You will initially start the game as a farmer and the main income will generate from the wheat you harvest.

the big capitalistMuch like the typical incremental game, The Big Capitalist will not require too much interaction. In fact, you can generate the virtual money by doing nothing! Here’s how it works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to the main screen which displays all the businesses you can buy. You’ll start off with $1 as your initial capital. The first step is usually the hardest because players are required to interact.

Under each business, you’ll see four essential parts; the business icon on the far left which you manually click to make money, the income bar which displays the amount you earn per click, the expand bar which displays the amount you need to pay to increase your income and the time bar which indicates the amount of time the auto-clicker restarts.

the big capitalistManagers

The exciting part begins when you hired a manager who will exclusively handle the business on your behalf. Basically, hiring a manager will activate the auto-clicker. It means that you no longer need to manually click the Business icon to generate income. The managers will take the job so you can focus more on expanding the company or better yet venturing to a new business.


Expanding the Business

Expanding the business is essential because it will drastically increase your income. The more you expand a business, the higher the money you can generate per second. Once you have reached certain level of expansion, the multiplier will be doubled allowing you to earn more.  Take note that the Expand fees are exponentially increasing so the more you expand the business, the higher the price it will demand.

Businesses are meant to be bought in proper sequence in which you start off from the basic Wheat farm to Oil Company. If you managed to establish yourself as a business tycoon, you can soon unlock other continents like Russia and Europe. You can also participate in various Special Events which can be played in limited time.

Upgrades are also available with items that are merely made to increase your daily profit or the ability to Skip a Day. You can also access premium contents through the game’s in-app purchases.

the big capitalistBonuses

There are many ways to earn bonus in this game. First of which are the Daily Spins which allows you to win diamonds. You can also take advantage of the Rewarded Videos, Cash Express and Speed Up features.  Diamonds are used to Skip A Day and generate income instantly and also to purchase other permanent effects. Gold Coins, on the other hand are used to permanently increase the profit per business.

What happens when all the businesses were unlocked?

For a game that offers repetitive action, you might doubt that an idle game like the Big Capitalist will offer any impressive replay value. Surprisingly, despite the apparent simplicity, these games are truly addictive. In Big Capitalist, when all businesses were unlocked, you can use the Angels to earn more profit but you need to reset your progress. In this case, you have all the money you earned from the previous progress and the multiplier will also increase but you need to start back from the very beginning.

the big capitalistthe big capitalist

The income by the way is continuously generating even when the game is not active and most of all, this game works even without Internet connection (in-app purchases and rewarded videos however are not applicable).

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