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PlatformsAndroid +4.0 and up
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Restaurant Cooking Challenge is a simple yet fun and entertaining cooking simulation game. It is a game that is mainly catered for young gamers. As what the title of the game connotes, the main objective is to play the role of an aspiring chef named Lina as she tries to prove her skills and convince her bosses that she has what it takes to become the next great chef in town. Interestingly, this simple cooking simulation game will take you to different challenges with different tasks. In fact, some levels are just beyond cooking. If you are interested, feel free to explore Restaurant Cooking Challenge and see what else the game has to offer.

Restaurant Cooking ChallengeThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Restaurant Cooking Challenge are very simple and absolutely manageable. Considering that the game is mainly catered for kids, all levels are presented in a very simple manner. Restaurant Cooking Challenge will take you to 10 easy levels. I wish I could say that there is an increasing rate of difficulty but each level is entirely different. The first level is about cooking while the rest will focus on shopping, cleaning and even a dress up simulation.

All levels come with simple instructions which will definitely not leave the young gamers clueless. There will be arrows or icons to tell you what exactly you must do and all you need is to follow. Controls are all tap-based. Some levels might ask you to tap and drag an item while others are beyond simplicity. Despite the apparent simplicity, one thing you will surely appreciate in this game is Lina’s progress from being an aspiring chef to a certified professional.

Restaurant Cooking ChallengeExplore Different Levels

The game will take you to ten different levels with different objectives and despite the fact that it carries the word Cooking on its title, the game will feature multiple objectives. The first level requires you to make and decorate your own doughnut. This will start from making the dough, cooking and frosting it with your preferred design.Second level requires you to clean the messy kitchen while the third level will ask you to clean Lina from her untidy outfit.

On Level 4, Chef Thomas will ask you to clean the table cloths as well as your uniforms. This is followed by washing the dishes on Level 5. Sixth level is where the dress up and make up portion will take place. Lina will be asked to shop for grocery items but prior to that, she needs an extreme makeover. Help her pick the right outfit and put the right make up to make her look more appealing and beautiful. Seventh Level requires you to shop for grocery items. It is a simple Hidden Object game where you need to select the required item per stall. Level 8 is about Smoothie Making while Level 9 requires you to decorate the table, a skill set you need to master to become a certified chef.

Of course, the last level will conclude your Training course. Your goal is to cook a Red Salmon Soup which is the specialty dish of Chef Thomas. Prove the chef that you have what it takes to become the next resident chef of the Red Salmon Restaurant. Simply follow the instructions carefully.

Restaurant Cooking ChallengeThe Verdict

Restaurant Cooking Challenge is a simple yet fun game. I wish the game could offer more levels to explore to give it a commendable longevity. Although the levels can be replayed countless times, the replay value is not really overwhelming considering that you will be doing the same task all the time. Graphics wise, Restaurant Cooking Challenge will surely not disappoint you. It is presented with visually stunning and colorful details and is accompanied with well-fitting music and witty voice overs. Overall, the game is still worth playing and definitely something your kids will enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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