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PlatformsAndroid 4.3 and up
Size26 MB
Latest Version3.9.1

pixel artFor those who enjoyed adult coloring book apps like Colorfy, you will absolutely find this app equally addictive and fun. Pixel Art – Color by Number is game from EasyBrain that takes you to an addictive and fun coloring challenge.  Much like the traditional adult coloring books, the game features un-colored patterns and all you need is to turn the pictures into a wonderful masterpiece. As what the title of the game suggests, the pictures are all in pixels and each pixel has specific number on it. These numbers basically correspond with specific color. Therefore, unlike Colorfy, the results in Pixel Art are similar and not entirely based on player’s discretion.

pixel artThe Gameplay

Pixel Art – Color By Numbers features a simple user interface. As soon as the game starts, the app welcomes you to their Library. There are four clickable icons on the lower panel of the screen which give you access to different pages. These icons include Library, My Works, Create and More. Library features a huge collection of pictures from the game’s data base. The pictures are often shown in Black and White and the game updates the library on a daily basis.  To start, simply click the photo you want to color. This prompts you to the coloring page where image is presented by pixels and by numbers.

Under the image panel is the color palette. Each color has corresponding numbers on them too to indicate the player on where exactly to apply them. For example, you choose a shade of Red with number 1 on it, all the number 1 in the pixelated image will be highlighted with darker color. Simply click the number to fill it with the color.pixel art

Interestingly, there are two types of images in this app, the 2D and 3D images. Images will vary in terms of their sizes and difficulties. Larger images have bigger amount of pixels to fill which make them more challenging and time-consuming.

All completed artworks will make their way to “My Work” page. This page basically displays all your finished and saved projects. You can actually save your work and continue them anytime you want. You also have the ability to share your artwork on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Create Image and Camera

pixel artOne of the most interesting parts of this game is the Camera feature which you can find at Create Page. Aside from the images from the game’s database, you can also upload pictures directly from your phone gallery and transform them into Pixel art. To top it all, you can use the game’s camera to take photo using either the rear or front camera of your smartphone. You can also configure the difficulty setting by adjusting the bar from Easy to Hard.

Through “More” page, you can access settings like turning the Magnifying Glass on. You can also activate the vibration while coloring or every time you hit a wrong pixel. Basically, if you want to go for a challenge, you can simply turn off all the guides (highlighting cells, Magnifying glass and vibrations).

pixel artPremium Account

The microtransaction in this game comes in via Magic Wand and Color Splash. These are two power ups a player can use to expedite the completion of his project. Magic Wand colors all the neighboring boxes of the same color while Color Splash colors the area around the selected box. Players can buy them by upgrading their Free account to a fee-based Pixel Art Premium which gives them access to everything and also eliminate the ads. Players, however, can get Magic Wand and Color Splash through Rewarded Videos.

Overall, Pixel Art – Color By Numbers is an app that allows you to relax and have fun! It requires patience and time especially if dealing with larger projects but coloring has never been this addictive! With daily updates and infinite images to explore, Pixel Art is truly a great addition to your smartphone!

Download Pixel Art - Color By Number APK - For Android/iOS 1

Download Pixel Art – Color By Number APK for Android/iOS

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