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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size79 MB
Latest Version1.0.20

Popular Wars is another fun, simple yet surprisingly addictive game from Lion Studios, the publisher that brought us games like Love Balls, Happy Glass, and Big Big Baller. As what the title of the game suggests, your main objective for this game is to outrank your real-time online opponents and become the most popular player of them all. Interestingly, the concept of Popular Wars is merely inspired by different io games like Voodoo’s Crowd City which will also trace us back to pioneers like The objective is to take control of your avatar and gather as many followers as possible within the given time frame. If you think you can master this game, feel free to explore Popular Wars and see how far you can go.

Popular WarsThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. As what mentioned above, the objective is to be the most popular of them all by gathering the most number of followers within the given time limit. Unlike Crowd City, Popular Wars managed to incorporate the concept of being a popular personality by gathering a virtual fan-based or followers. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the arena along with other online players. In the map, you will encounter white-colored avatars. They are the neutral people that you must gather. Simply pass through these avatars and turn them into your follower.

Once you have turned them into your follower, the small avatars will become exactly like you and will start to follow you wherever you go. As far as the game controls are concerned, you can freely navigate this multidirectional arena by simply moving your finger around the screen. You can wander around the arena with no limits. You can interact with as many objects as possible but just be mindful that you must gather as many followers as possible before the time runs out. Each battle will last for a maximum of two minutes. Once done, the ranking will be revealed and your reward will depend on your position.

Popular WarsBe The Most Popular Of Them All

Popular Wars comes with a very straightforward rule, be the most popular of them all. It sounds easy but the game is surprisingly tricky. Despite the apparent simplicity of this game, players are strongly encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to win the game. This is an online battle and every player comes with their own strategy to win this game. Aside from gathering followers, you must also refrain yourself from clashing against players that are more popular than you, otherwise, they will simply devour you and you will be defeated.

You can also do the same thing to players with lesser followers. Simply chase them and pass through them and you can instantly steal their followers and turn them to your side. Another interesting element of this game is the ranking system. Much like any io games, Popular Wars will display all the top players on the screen. The more followers you get, the more you push yourself on top of the leaderboard. A player can only have two fates in this game. You can either be defeated or ranked. If you are not devoured by other players and managed to finish the entire 2-minute battle, you will find yourself on the rank board and earn prize in return. Defeated players, on the other hand, will get a lesser prize.

Popular WarsUnlock New Skins and Maps

It is also interesting to note that Popular Wars comes with two playable campaigns. The Classic Mode is the game’s main campaign in which you compete with online players within the 2-minute battle. The goal here is to get the most number of followers within the given time frame. Solo Mode, on the other hand, will also last for two minutes but with no opponents around. The main objective for this campaign is to reach the 100% followers within the time limit.

Popular Wars also offers the ability to buy and unlock new skins and maps. You can customize your character by picking your preferred Costume, Circle and Face. All Circles are available for free while Faces can be unlocked by paying virtual coins which you can earn by completing a match. Costumes, on the other hand, are unlocked by completing various tasks. The game also features various maps which you can also unlock by completing certain tasks. School is the default map but you can eventually unlock other locations like Shopping Mall, Winter Carnival, City and more.

Popular WarsThe Verdict

If you are looking for a simple yet fun and entertaining game that will keep you away from boredom, Popular Wars is a perfect fit. It’s colorful, fun and most of all, it doesn’t consume much of your phone storage. However, since this is an online game, a stable Internet connection is highly required. Appearance-wise, Popular Wars is truly a visual delight. The game is adorned with creative and adorable visuals and is complemented by a piece of well-fitting music to set the mood right. Currently, Popular Wars is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this addictive game for free. Have fun!

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