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RAFT: Original Survival Game Review

The game is full of adventures as you proceed with earning points where you are surrounded by scary sharks and sea creatures as you are in the ocean with only a raft. This raft must be improved and crafted so that you can escape from the ocean’s traps and survive. The game is about survival and its amazing features help you to meet the challenges and survive through all of it. You have to collect resources like wreckage, barrels, and chests from the ocean by hunting them with the use of a hook and expand, protect and develop your raft in the game. The most interesting part of the game is to hunt the resources necessary for survival like fish, materials like clothes, weapons etc. You also get to solve the puzzles of the ocean and escape from the traps.

Here are some great features that make the game all the more interesting for the players:

Collecting materials for survival

Knowing that you need materials to survive in the ocean, you should know about them. There are green bundles or leaves which you can collect from the ocean for making ropes. Scrap, the shiny white chunks which you will find in the ocean and also planks that look like wooden beams must be collected by facing the challenges and not missing a chance of collecting them. The game gives a 3D effect which makes the game more real with the additional day and night cycle in the game. Even different weather conditions like sunny days and frightening storms are included in the game.

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Crafting of the necessary items

When you start playing the game, you will love how you craft all the essentials one by one and will definitely love how you grow and build your craft through all the obstacles and challenges that come in the way. Crafting the essentials is an important or the main task of the game like, for starters, make a mug to collect sea water. Thus, you need to look for pieces of debris in the ocean. Next, you can make ropes with leaves. You can collect food after that which could be fish as that is available in plenty, in the ocean. How you equip for every single thing you use, keep the players interested and gives a very unique feel throughout the game.

The building of the raft

After you have collected the daily necessities like food and water, you have to focus on building and expanding your raft as it will lack space once it gets filled with the collected essentials. You will have to equip it with a hammer and then try to expand your raft when you notice an empty portion. Each tile would cost 5 planks that you would require for building the raft. The players can also create torches for a better view at night and also scare off sharks.

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The game is a high-quality adventurous game which requires a lot of brain work. With the power of your brain and realistic experience of survival tricks, you can emerge as a winner and escape the traps of the ocean.

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