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Kirara Fantasia is a fantasy RPG game featuring magical anime girls. This kind of game tends to be common in Japanese territories, but there are sometimes instances of these games coming to international markets under various circumstances. The kind of variety these games have to offer varies. I can’t say I’m entirely familiar with the way these games work, but I was willing to give this one a shot. After I spent a good amount of time getting myself acquainted with the likes of Kirara Fantasia, I found myself giving it a bit of a thumbs up. It’s far from perfect, but it has its quirks that I, and likely a lot of others, would enjoy.

Download Kirara Fantasia (きららファンタジア) APK for Android/iOS 1

For one thing, it certainly is a colorful game. The magical girl theme is a common trope among anime cliches, but the way it’s done here works in the game’s favor. Kirara Fantasia has an immersive, fully fledged storyline that goes pretty deep. The characters have a lot of unique personalities, and they can either be comedic and charming or dramatic and serious. The chemistry between each other is the kind that I haven’t expected from this game, but I’m glad it’s there. The story has a lot of memorable moments to it, and the characters add to it greatly with their dynamic.

The gameplay is also what you may come to expect from a good RPG. The battles are intense and satisfying, and there are a lot of ways you could plan your way to victory. It’s a tactical sort of experience that is woven into Kirara Fantasia‘s design philosophies. That said, it still does come off as rather standard for my tastes. It doesn’t really provide a lot of innovation to go with the potential of the magical girl theme. It sort of meanders in that regard. It’s a bit of a shame, really, because there is a lot they could have done with the concept for battle.

I’m also not a big fan of the sim-like houses that you could access. It feels like Kirara Fantasia wanted to go for a jack of all trades sort of deal, but became a master of none. Sometimes, less is more; I think the developers could have taken that into account to make a better overworld experience. Even so, the execution at least has some kind of benefit to it. I’d be lying if I said it was all bad.

Download Kirara Fantasia (きららファンタジア) APK for Android/iOS 2

In fact, Kirara Fantasia is still a pretty good game when you consider everything. RPG players would be able to get a kick out of this one, for sure. I just think it could use some improvement if it wants to go above and beyond with its potential. It feels like it falls a little short in that regard, and some ways to rectify that could do wonders for it. Nevertheless, feel free to have a look at this one if you’re curious.

Download Kirara Fantasia (きららファンタジア) APK for Android/iOS 3

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