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The X-Files: Deep State Review


PublisherCreative Mobile
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size165.7 MB
Latest Version2.5.5

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The X-Files: Deep State is a murder-mystery thriller casual game, much like the original X-files show. It makes use of beloved characters and the thrilling theme of the show to create an exciting and gripping game for mobile gamers. Much like the popular 90’s show, the game focuses on crime and mystery with a dash of the fantasy and the supernatural. You can go either route as a “believer” or a by-the-book objective law enforcer. Either way, one thing is clear, in this game, the truth really is out there.


The X-Files: Deep State Gameplay

The gameplay of The X-Files: Deep State is relatively easy. It starts immediately with a case and you enter the game investigating a crime scene as an FBI agent. In the crime scene, you must discover “clues” that can help you solve the mystery. There is a list of things you have to collect from the crime scene on the bottom of the screen. You can press and hold each item on the list so you know what it looks like. You can also use several “hints” to help you find these clues.

A crime scene to look for clues

As the investigation goes on, you get to interview witnesses and suspects connected to the case. You also get to review the evidence and talk about it with your partner, Detective Garret Dale. This helps shape what kind of detective you will become in the game. You can either do things “by the book” or choose to “believe”. There are elements of the case that can go either way, so it depends on how your character chooses to move forward with each case and with each investigation.

Interviewing witnesses and suspects in your investigation

The X-Files: Deep State Features

The game starts with the introduction of your character and his or her partner, Agent Dale. You can customize your character a little bit with a choice of skin, attire, and hair color. You can also choose your own name. The game X-Files: Deep state starts immediately with a case, but as you progress, the cases with increase and so will the difficulty. You will need all the energy and in-game currency to keep up with the piling case load. These items are available at the in-game store. You can purchase energy, X-coins, cash, and lockers that have currency loot for the game.

Character customization in the game


X-Files: Deep state fully captures the theme and mood of the classic cult show. There is enough mystery and mystique to keep players excited about each case. There is even a dash of the thrilling supernatural just like in the show. It starts off relatively simple and easy, but it gets interesting with each case. Fans of the show will even appreciate little Easter eggs put in with each case and dropped casually in some conversations. All in all, this casual game delivers in mystery and fan service, and it is a great game for mobile gamers who miss the X-files charm and the epic tandem of Mulder and Scully.

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