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PublisherTech Master Studio
PlatformsAndroid 2.3+
Size35 MB
Latest Version2

It’s never easy coming into the field of mobile gaming world, especially when it comes to simulation games. The demands of games in this genres are high, with players striving for a realistic gaming experience. Tech Master Studio have done exceptionally well in making their entrance. With their first gaming app they have made a promising title to set as their foundation.

Traffic Racing Simulator 3D is a racing game, where players race and compete with the traffic on a highway. Filled with adrenaline, the game lets you reach incredible speeds, but you must manoeuvre with care to avoid crashing into traffic. This trains your hand-eye co-ordination and practice dynamic control while also having plenty of fun!

The game has straightforward controls, but is extremely addictive. Suitable for all ages, it’s a great method to challenge reflexes since the cars may change lane or brake at any time. Scores are determined by distance travelled, number of times a near miss was performed, the length of time you kept above 100km/h, and the length of time where you drove against traffic coming in the opposite direction.

At the moment there are only four cars available to drive. Each is given a rating on speed, handling, and brake, to let you assess which to use. You start with one, but the option to purchase them with in-game currency is available. The game also allows for customisation, and you can buy colors and accessories to change up your car. The feature is nice and allows players to personalise their cars themselves.

The app offers four different game modes for you to explore. One way and two way involves cars travelling in one or two directions respectively, while time attack has a 100-second-time-limit. The last game mode, time bomb is rather unique. Automatically the car you chose to drive is replaced by a much longer vehicle, increasing the difficulty of manoeuvring it. If the vehicles travels below a certain speed, the bomb health, shown by a red bar, will begin to decrease. Once the bar is completely depleted, the bomb will blow up and the game will end. While the others are equally addictive, this was one of most exciting game mode to play, filled with adrenaline throughout.

Each game mode can be played under four “stages”, but they’re more like weather conditions. Only three – sunny, rainy, and night- are currently available to play, with temple locked as coming soon. Apart from in night stage where it becomes harder to see the road, there does not seem to be major differences for road conditions e.g. when it rains.

Impressive graphics

Traffic Racing Simulator 3D has excellent graphics and textures for a mobile game developed by a newcomer to the field. There was no lag at all, and the gaming experience was smooth bar the inevitable ads. For systems which perhaps may not be able to run the game as smoothly as higher-end phones, there is also the option to adjust the settings, include the graphics quality, to be optimum for you, which is really useful and handy. The sound effects are also great and on point throughout the app.






Overall Traffic Racing Simulator 3D is a brilliant car acing game, and I had a lot of fun while playing through. The game is available on the Google Play store but can also be downloaded as an APK.

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