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Dandara Game Review

PublisherRaw Fury
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size688 MB
Latest Version1.1.4

Logo of the Dandara game

The game Dandara from Raw Fury is one of the most beautifully rendered Adventure games for mobile devices. The game was designed as a 2D Metroidvania-style adventure with throwback 2-bit graphics. But this in no way limits the gameplay and the artful design of the game. The distinctive world and dynamic controls are unique, and the exploration and adventure is sure to keep you playing this stunning game for hours at a time. Play as this mysterious heroine and save the mystical world of Salt with Dandara!


Dandara Gameplay

The game starts with the “birth” of the titular character Dandara. She is seemingly floating in the middle of dark space. In this space, you can then try out her controls. On the left side of the screen you can swipe in the direction that you want her to fire her energy blasts. Just slide the screen and release to fire. On the right side of the screen, you have your controls for movement. Point in the direction that you want Dandara to move and she will leap there. There is a direction arrow and a guiding line to help you with movement. There is no gravity and Dandara can leap to any surface including walls and ceilings and any floating structure. Make sure that you make her leap to a white surface so she “sticks” to it.

Gameplay of Dandara the game

Dandara Game Design

The game won’t wow you with graphics and animation, but the design of the world is amazingly beautiful. You are seemingly floating in space and there are no laws in perspective and gravity. Your viewpoint depends on where Dandara is currently standing. The environment is not tied to any laws of physics or nature, and the beautiful backgrounds and setting perfectly molds with the eerily playing music and sounds.

The world of Salt in Dandara

Dandara Features

The game is relatively simple, with only a new game and load game options at the start menu. As you explore the world of Salt, you will eventually find a campsite where the heroine can put up her flag and rest. This is also where you can see your additional features, on how much “salt” (the in-game currency) you have gathered to upgrade the skills of Dandara herself. You can increase your endurance, or upgrade the power of your energy blasts and the speed and distance of your movement. In the campsite, you can also see a Glossary, which can help in identifying and recognizing elements of the game.

Upgrading Dandara in the game


Dandara makes use of a great concept and makes the most of the platform to offer an original idea in an artistic design. The gameplay of Metroidvania is relatively linear, but with this game, there are no rules of direction or gravity, and you can explore the world of Salt in any direction and with multiple perspectives. The world building of Salt is also amazingly rendered. Even with just limited 2D pixels, the unique designs and structure of the world in the game is striking and innovative. Be sucked into the warped world of Salt in the amazing game of Dandara!

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