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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size122.9 MB
Latest Version1.2

Sometimes, you do not need any hardcore visuals and even action-packed gameplay to enjoy a certain game. Simplicity, most of the time, works very effectively. This is exactly what you can experience when playing Mmm Fingers by NoodleCake Studios. The studio is known for many of its one-hand or one-tap games like Alto’s Oddysey, Dig Deep, and Flappy Golf. Mmm Fingers is not different at all and in fact, it is considered to be one of their successful creations. The main objective in this game is simple yet surprisingly tricky, simply swipe your finger around the screen and avoid all the obstacles at all cost. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game, feel free to explore Mmm Fingers and let the epic adventure begins.

Mmm FingersThe Gameplay

Interestingly, the game doesn’t come up with any complex rules. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable yet you will be surprised how challenging and frustrating the game will become. As what mentioned above, your main objective is to swipe your finger around the screen while avoiding all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. Generally, as what the title suggests, your finger is your main character. As you swipe the screen, the cursor will follow it and all you need is to be quick and skillful enough to avoid all the monsters.

Speaking of which, the monsters in this game comes in different forms and they also come in different behavior and movements. Some monsters are moving in a strictly linear progression while others are moving on random locations. All of them comes with deadly spikes that you must avoid at all cost, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Take note that Mmm Fingers is not a level by level challenge but more of an endless runner and your mission is to get the highest score as possible by reaching the farthest distance without being killed.

Mmm FingersFrustrating but Oddly Satisfying

Mmm Fingers is generally simple but surprisingly challenging. In fact, the game can become extremely challenging that it could also be very frustrating at the same time. The map or the obstacles in this game is drastically changing for every attempt. Therefore, the challenge you encounter on the previous attempt will not be the same challenging path you need to surpass on the next one. Every attempt feels like an entirely new game. Mastery is the key to maximize your chances of surviving. Learn and remember the movements and the patterns and figure out how to surpass them effectively.

The approach of Mmm Fingers is very similar to Flappy Bird. It is undeniably frustrating yet still oddly satisfying to play. To top it all, the game will not even ask you to collect any items or any additional objectives to follow. It comes with a very straightforward rule and that is to avoid all the hungry monsters to eat your finger. The game may not have a multiplayer campaign or even a leaderboard system but it records your personal best score which gives this game a remarkable replay value as it challenges you to beat your own score.

Mmm FingersAchievements

Since the game doesn’t involve any form of virtual currency, the game doesn’t have an upgrade system either. It doesn’t have a shop where you can purchase new skins or anything that can make this game more visually appealing. However, Mmm Fingers comes with an Achievement system which allows you to earn medals. To access the Achievement board, simply head over the main menu and tap the Medal Icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

This will initially prompt you to the Stats board which will showcase your overall progress including your Best Score, the Total score and overall game completion. Tap the question mark beside the game completion and it will take you to your medal collection. To achieve a medal, simply complete the given tasks. Some of which will ask you to achieve a certain score or collect a certain number of medals. If you are really up for a competition, you can connect the game with the Google Play Center to access their Leaderboard system.

Mmm FingersThe Verdict

Simple, fun and undeniably challenging. This is how you can perfectly describe Mmm Fingers by NoodleCake Studios. Appearance-wise, the game comes with a simple yet neat graphics. It could be repetitive at some point but the dynamically changing obstacles somehow turn every attempt into an entirely new game. It is also complemented with well-fitting music and audio effects. Ads were also moderately placed but there were minor bugs that need to be fixed. The best part of Mmm Fingers is the fact that you can play this game even without an Internet connection. It is also light enough that it won’t consume much of your phone storage. Currently, Mmm Fingers is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this addictive game for free. Cheers!

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