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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size91 MB
Latest Version1.0.0

How far can you go for love? Adventure of Love by Lexiang Co ltd takes you to an exciting journey of two lovers and their mission to remove a certain curse. From the people behind West Game comes another engaging mobile game. Adventure of Love is a unique game in many aspects. It is not a role-playing game nor a visual novel but a slot machine game. Yes, if you think it is not possible to incorporate an engaging love story to an addictive slot machine game, Adventure of Love will surely prove you wrong. Help Sinbad as he tries to find the mysterious Heart of the Ocean to help Marina restores her lost memory. If you are up for a unique mobile game, feel free to explore Adventure of Love and see what else this game has to offer.

Adventure of LoveThe Gameplay

Those who have tried playing Moon Active’s Coin Master will surely find huge similarities with this game. The only thing that makes Adventure of Love distinctive above the rest is the highly engaging story that no one would ever think to be part of a slot machine game. Generally, the mechanics for this game are very simple and easily manageable. It’s a simple game and it doesn’t require any extensive skills to win. This is a slot machine game after all and everything is merely a game of chance.

The game welcomes the players with a cinematic introduction showcasing the romantic love story of Sinbad and Marina. Their story is almost perfect and everyone admires them except for the evil goddess Eris. The Goddess of Discord abducted Marina and curses her memory. Eventually, Marina will lose her feelings for Sinbad so the couple decided to look for the cure. They have heard of the tale that is popular among pirates that at the end of the ocean lies the “heart of the ocean” that grants people’s wishes. Desperate about their situation, the couple decided to wander and search for the hidden heart of the ocean.

Adventure of LoveA Unique Slot Machine Game

Interestingly, the game will take you to two different phases, the building phase, and the slot machine. As you explore an island, you will be asked to construct various structures. You must complete all the structures in order to progress and unlock a new island. What really makes Adventure of Love more engaging is the slot machine phase. The game takes you to a three-reel slot machine. Initially, players are given with 50 free spins. Simply tap the spin button to start. Like any slot machine games, the prize you will earn depends on the result of your spin and the combination of the symbols.

Symbols that allow you to earn instant money include gold coins and bags of coins. Interestingly, every spin is a sure win. Even though you failed to get the right match of symbols, you will still earn money from it. Other symbols will have a special purpose which allows you to earn bigger prizes. If you get three cannons, you’ll be given a chance to attack other islands owned by other players. A successful attack allows you to destroy their structures and earn money from them at the same time. This is unless they got a shield which reduces the prize into half. If you get three parrot heads, you will get the chance to raid your opponent’s island. This will showcase random and you just have to pick three of them. Some chests, however, contains no coins so better trust your instincts.

Adventure of LoveExplore Different Islands

Your spins are limited and you can only have a maximum of 50 spins to use simultaneously. You can earn additional spins in many ways. If you are lucky enough, you can get three battery icons on the slot and win 10 extra spins instantly. You also get an extra spin if you’re shield bar is full and you still get a shield from the slot machine. Players also get spins by watching reward videos or purchasing a package using the game’s microtransaction. Of course, if you are not willing to spend bucks for spins, you can simply wait for the Energy bar to refills. You get 5 spins for every one hour.

So while waiting for the additional spins, you can always spend time upgrading your island. Each island features various structures that you need to complete. A structure can be upgraded multiple times until it reaches its final form. To unlock a new island, you must complete all the structures and upgrade them all to their final forms. It is also important to note that you will use your virtual coins to buy upgrades and the prices per upgrade will also increase exponentially.

Adventure of LoveThe Verdict

The slot machine is really not for everyone. Some might find it boring due to repetitive tasks while others find it oddly satisfying. To top it all, the slot machine is a form of gambling and even though it doesn’t involve real money, the concept is still adopted to its gameplay which makes most slot machine games not suitable for young gamers. Adventure of Love, however, is a game-changer. It’s user-friendly and it doesn’t rely mainly on slot machine. Above all, it follows a compelling plot everyone will enjoy. Currently, Adventure of Love is only available for Android devices and you can download this game for free. Have fun!

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