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Most of the time, when it comes to a role-playing game, we often encounter endless dungeon campaigns. In this mode, you will explore a dungeon in a level by level basis with endless enemies and bosses along the way. Interestingly, Dungeon Corporation by BigShot games will take you to a seemingly endless dungeon mode. It is described as an auto farming RPG game which features both RPG and Idle game elements. The mission is to play the role of a newly recruited man who will embark himself in an endless fighting adventure. If you are up for this exciting challenge, feel free to explore Dungeon Corporation and let your epic journey begins.

Dungeon CorporationThe Gameplay

Dungeon Corporation comes with a very simple set of mechanics. The game features a lot of nostalgic elements including the pixelated graphics that will remind you of those classic GBA games. It also predominantly features common RPG elements like the massive upgrade options, the skill tree system, loots, and boss battles. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the 2D battlefield. Instead of those medieval-inspired dungeons, the game will take place on a tall building. The higher the floor you are in, the stronger the set of monsters you are going to deal with.

Generally, Dungeon Corporation is an incremental or idle game. Therefore, the game works well even without the player’s interaction. The battle is automated and all you do is watch how the battle progresses. However, despite the automation, you are still required to perform all the upgrades and also to equip your character with the right gears to make him more efficient and also to maximize his chances of surviving. You can also change to another character once you have acquired a different card.

Dungeon CorporationUpgrades and Gears

One of the most important elements of this game is the upgrade. Be mindful that the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The monsters will become more and more powerful and it takes a lot of upgrades to match their power and strength. To do so, you must pay attention to your character’s status. The Status chart will showcase all your major attributes including ATK, DEF and Hp and more. It also includes your element attack rates as well as your current gear set up.

Much like a typical RPG, Dungeon Corporation allows you to gear up your character not just for aesthetical purposes but also to dramatically improve your hero. Items are obtained by looting. They will often drop from the monsters you killed. A hero can wear an armor, helmet, gauntlet, and boots. You can also wear accessories like ring, bangle, and amulet. Interestingly, each weapon will vary depending on their rarity and special effects. Some weapons can increase either your attack or defense rate. All items you collected will be sent to your Bag (Inventory) and if you think you do not need them, you can simply extract the items and convert them to essence.

Dungeon CorporationMissions and Other Campaigns

The essence is very important in this game as you need them to upgrade your character’s attributes. You can obtain essence in many ways but most commonly through defeating monsters or extracting items. The required amount of essence for each upgrade will increase exponentially. Dungeon Corporation also comes with an achievement system through Missions. Interestingly, there are six different types of mission; the main mission, daily mission, time mission, contract, growth and start the mission. Each allows you to win a different set of items. The game also has a Pet system which allows you to get a companion during your battle.

In addition to the main campaign, Dungeon Corporation also offers three other equally-engaging modes. There’s the Boss Challenge which allows you to fight different bosses simultaneously. This also allows you to get epic items. Ranking Dungeon, on the other hand, allows you to compete with other players via a ranking system. This will prompt you into a powerful boss battle and all you need is to set the best record possible. Arena is also a multiplayer campaign that allows you to fight against another player.

Dungeon CorporationThe Verdict

Dungeon Corporation is a simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive Idle RPG. Appearance-wise, Dungeon Corporation is an absolute visual delight. It is adorned with colorful pixelated graphics that are both nostalgic and beautiful. One thing you will surely appreciate in this kind of game is the progress and how far your character has evolved. To top it all, the game offers a lot of areas to explore including the multiplayer campaigns and the overwhelming missions to accomplish. Currently, Dungeon Corporation is only available for Android devices and you can download this epic Idle RPG for free. Cheers!

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