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PlatformsAndroid 4.3 and up
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Latest Version1.0.33

It’s been a while since the last time we discover a decent Tower defense game. With so many new genres of gaming that are becoming more popular today, we seldom encounter games that remains faithful to this old tower defense concept. Wild Sky Tower Defense takes you to an epic and action-packed tower defense adventure. It merges both tower defense and RPG elements on it. The goal is simple, defend your ship from a rush of monsters. Build towers and recruit heroes and prevent all the enemies from breaking through your defenses. If you think you can master this epic adventure, feel free to explore Wild Sky Tower Defense and let the battle begins.

Wild Sky Tower DefenseThe Gameplay

If you are familiar with well-acclaimed Kingdom Rush, then you will find a lot of similarities with Wild Sky Tower Defense. The mechanics are very simple yet surprisingly tricky and challenging. As mentioned above, the main objective in Wild Sky Tower Defense is to defend your ship. You must prevent the enemies from breaking through your defenses and from destroying your ship, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning of the same level until you managed to make it through.

In order to defend your ship, you must establish your defense towers in a very strategic position. Before the invasion, the game will give you enough time to prepare. The map will showcase predefined areas where you can build your towers. Simply tap the slot and select the tower you want to build. Towers come with different abilities and you can all upgrade them individually to unleash their full potential. Enemies will arrive wave after wave and the level is clear when you managed to defeat them all.

Wild Sky Tower DefenseOld School Tower Defense

Wild Sky Tower Defense remained faithful to the old concept of tower defense and that’s exactly what we need. The map will change dynamically per level and the enemies’ paths will also vary. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, Wild Sky Tower Defense requires the players to establish the most effective strategy. Visualize the situation carefully and place the towers in a very strategic location. To make the towers more efficient, it is very ideal to upgrade them. You can do the upgrade during the battle and it will dramatically increase their basic attributes including the fire rate, damage, and speed.

Another unique element of Wild Sky Tower Defense is the ability to use Heroes. Some levels will assign you some heroes who are endowed with unique skills. You must deploy these heroes on a battle for them to earn experience. If they have earned enough, you can activate their special skills. You can recruit new heroes through Hero Chests. Elements also play an important role in this game. There are five elements in this game and each of them is strong against another. Master the elements to gain the upper hand and destroy your foes more effectively.

Wild Sky Tower DefenseExplore Other Campaigns

Aside from the main campaign, Wild Sky Tower Defense also features other equally-engaging campaigns. Simply head over to the main menu to feature the Wild Sky map. There are four clickable landmarks on this page. The Trial will embark you in an Elemental Trial adventure. This features daily challenges and allows you to win greater prizes in return. Mine is also an interesting campaign in which your main goal is to protect the mine from treacherous invaders. It features special elements like dragons and many other epic heroes.

Crane allows you to unlock the chests which are sorted in five different categories. Free Chest allows you to win coins and gems while Hero Chest will allow you to unlock new Hero. Spell chest allows you to unlock new Spells while Tower Chest will give you the chance to win a new tower. Premium Chest, on the other hand, gives you guaranteed rewards in the form of a new hero, spell or tower. Market allows you to trade gems in exchange for additional gold coins or spell crystals. Players can also take advantage of the special and limited-time events as well as the Daily Login bonuses.

Wild Sky Tower DefenseThe Verdict

Wild Sky Tower Defense is truly a remarkable tower defense game. It features a colorful and highly engaging graphics that remind you well of the Kingdom Rush franchise. The game is generally simple yet fun and absolutely addictive. It comes with commendable longevity and multiple engaging campaigns to explore. If you are looking for a classic tower defense game, Wild Sky Tower Defense is definitely a perfect fit. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download Wild Sky Tower Defense for free. Have fun!

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