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In the early 2000s, PopCap games introduced us to a unique Aztec-inspired tile matching game known as Zuma Deluxe which eventually expanded to sequels like Zuma’s Revenge. The objective is simple, help Zuma eliminate all the approaching colored balls and prevent them from reaching the skull. In order to do so, you must match 3 balls of the same color to destroy them until all balls have been cleared.  This game left a huge legacy and has been adapted to many other mobile games. Marble Woka Woka by Two Desperados LTD is seemingly inspired by this game. It captures the same concept but offers unique features of its own. If you think you can master such puzzle, feel free to explore Marble Woka Woka and see what else the game has to offer.

Marble Woka WokaThe Gameplay

If you have played Zuma Deluxe or Zuma Revenge or any games that fall into the same category then you should know the drill. Marble Woka Woka comes with very simple mechanics. The game will take you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulty. Your main objective is to clear all the rolling balls and prevent them from reaching the other end, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start back from the very beginning. In order to eliminate the balls or bubbles, you have to match 3 or more balls of the same color.

Unlike Zuma that features a magical golden frog, Marble Woka Woka will introduce us to a cute and adorable Turtle and it’s paradise known as “Woka”. The game controls are simple. Simply tap the screen and hover around to aim for your target. Once set, release the hold and the turtle will automatically shoot. The balls will constantly roll on their predefined path so make sure not to stay idle for too long and try to eliminate them as fast as you possibly can.

Marble Woka WokaBoosters and Power-Ups

Another interesting element of Marble Woka Woka which is quite similar to the original Zuma Deluxe game is the ability to use powerups. For a standard Match 3 Grid game, if you managed to match 4 or more tiles of the same color or kind, you’ll unlock a special power up. In Marble Woka Woka, it plays differently. Power-ups will randomly appear. Random balls will be selected by the system that allows you to activate special skills. The tricky part is the fact that these random balls will only stay on the map for a short period of time. To obtain special skills, you must eliminate the special ball.

Take note that the skills will only last for a short period of time so make sure to make the most out of them. Abilities include Slowing down movement, reversing motion, boosted accuracy, freeze, and bombs. Aside from these random powerups, you can also take advantage of the consumable Boosters that you can purchase from the shop. You can avail them through gold coins that you can earn from each level.

Marble Woka WokaQuest, Energy System and Leaderboard

A unique feature of Marble Woka Woka is the Quest system. This will list down some tasks that you need to accomplish and earn rewards in return. The rewards can be in forms of New Energy, Coins, and extra boosters or power-ups. Speaking of Energy, Marble Woka Woka also follows a standard energy system that is now common in many games. You lose energy if you failed to clear all balls or if you manually quit a level. Players have a maximum of 5 energy and each can be refilled after 30 minutes. Therefore, you’ll get the full five energy for 2 and a half hour.

To make the game even more exciting, you can also embrace the multiplayer feature through the game’s leaderboard system. Sign in with your Facebook Account and you’ll get access to the leaderboard. This allows you to see or track your friend’s ranking. You can always go back to previous levels and try to defeat them. This particular feature provides Marble Woka Woka a remarkable replay value and commendable longevity.

The Verdict

Marble Woka Woka may have captured everything from PopCap’s Zuma Deluxe but the game still offers unique features that are worth exploring. It’s simple, it’s colorful, fun and undeniably addictive. The game even works perfectly fine even without a stable Internet connection. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download Marble Woka Woka absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

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