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Ludo is a classic board game which was first introduced in 1896. It is very well known worldwide and have various regional variations. Ludo King is a loyal digital version of Ludo, a good digital adaption. Ludo King features traditional rules and graphics of the board game.

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In a Ludo/Ludo King match (2-4 players), you win once you have successfully moved all your tokens to the top of your home column (the arrow that has the same color with your tokens).

You start your turn by tapping on the Dice icon to start rolling dice to. Get 6 and you can put your token, one by one, into action. As the tokens’ movement relies on rolling a dice, luck is always a vital part to win the game. Like the below situation, I couldn’t finish my game without getting an 1. But the strategy element is still also there, as important as luck to lead you to victory. We might see it as a balance of luck and strategy.

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Making choices and making the right moves would only be necessary when you have more than one token on the board. When you have more than one token under control, you have to choose which one you should move, to bring another token to the board or not when there are many options available ….

You can practice by playing against AI (VS Computer mode), but have in mind that it’s not as entertaining and challenging as playing versus other real players. AI’s moves are in fact quite predictable, unlike human players’ unpredictable moves.

Unlike in VS Computer mode, in real time Multiplayer (VS Human) mode you can’t stay still for too long without making any move. Players have 5 timeouts and have to make their move within time limit. If one doesn’t roll the dice or makes the move in time, it would be an automated move and one timeout is out. And if a player runs out of the given number of timeouts, he will lose.

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Other than chat phrases (free to use), players can spend Coins to use emoticons to interact with each other. Emoticons can be used to cheer, to tease, make fun of other players. This feature makes the game a lot funnier and more relaxing. But yes, someone might abuse it, keep spamming emoticons to annoy you.

In-game microtransactions are only for you to buy Coins or items that would also finally turn into Coins. Like Spin Packs which give you more turns to spin the lucky wheel but the only reward you can get from the wheel is Coins. Coin is the only in-game currency and the above-mentioned Emoticons feature.

Apart from VS Computer and Online Multiplayer, modes like Local Multiplayer and Play With Friends are there for you to play with your family and friends. The game always shows how many players are playing in each mode and the number of in-game players is always very high, usually 200,000+ concurrent players, especially for VS Computer and Local Multiplayer, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to find a match.

In Ludo King, there’s also another game called Snakes and Ladders. They are 2 different games you can switch back and forth. Snakes and Ladders bases on pure luck but it’s fun to play still.

You roll dice to move your token. Stumble on the snakes’ head and the token will be sent down towards the end of the snakes’ tail. Move right into the starting point of the ladders and the token can climb up towards the other ends. If  you reach the last spot of the board first (number 100), you win.

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All in all, the both games are fun to play but of course Ludo King is the better one. Ludo King makes you think more, it does not solely base on luck and the experience is more rewarding.

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Download Ludo King APK for Android/iOS

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