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PlatformsAndroid 4.4+
Size40.51 MB
Latest Version1.0.0

The Story

The world is about to change, and it’s like we’ve never known. Sega takes us once again through a journey of rediscovery. One of the most dangerous weapons known is about to be let loose and with destruction in its wake. A totalitarian empire is on the rise, and only the gun star heroes can stop him and his cohorts.Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 1

You’re playing as the heroic twins who will save the World from this evil general. Also, the twin players – red and blue will embark on a journey of retrieval of one of the most valued SEGA jewels. The evil general is an evil genius. Thus, the world will bow to him if he has his way.

Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 2

He would stop at nothing to reclaim his price and bring the World chaos. However, thousands upon thousands of adversaries are ready for combat. Without wasting time, download Gunstar Heroes Classic mod apk now and save the world from the evil wreckage.

Much like the original version, Gunstar Heroes classic is at the same time unique. You are teleported with thousands of enemies to combat. Your duty is to destroy, recover and of course stay alive.


Download Gunstar Heroes Classic mod apk is a revival of old console classics from the stables of SEGA. Like the old classics, it has the following features; Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 3

  • The exclusive weaponry is made up of a mix of four different weapon types. Also, with firearms totaling 14. All in all, gives you a fantastic combination.
  • Weapon combinations to create a better weapon with much more functionality thereby maximizing firepower. For example, chaser sand lightning guns shoot through and through.
  • Seven whole levels available for exploration with diverse views- antediluvian remains to a massive orbital fort of incredible 2D graphics.
  • Power conservation. You can flip your partner over at the enemies for vital hits that don’t zap ammunition.
  • You can play with your friends via local cross-platform with Wi-Fi and earn various titles.Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 4
  • Playing is free with ad-support and ad-free options respectively.
  • Stay connected by saving ongoing games at any point to complete later.
  • The scoreboard is competitive, and across the world too, you can make the leaderboard by earning greater. However, to earn points and titles, you must complete the missions.
  • You don’t just move along when you download Gunstar Heroes Classic mod apk. You do a lot of jumping and gymnastic movement to keep your weapons going.

Gunstar Heroes Classics

 Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 5

The design of the game keeps the wonderful memory of 2D pixel graphics alive, and it’s like you’ve never seen it. It is retro, unique and a smooth journey all the way. The gameplay is highly engaging, entertaining and a break from the norm.

This exclusive and funfilled game is available on google play store and app store.Download GunStar Heroes Classic MOD APK for Android 6

You can equally, download Gunstar Heroes Classic mod apk, using the link below.

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