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PlatformsAndroid 4.0 and up
Size1.2 GB
Latest Version1.0.3

Legend of Empress is a role playing game that will take you back in time during the year 61 of Chu Dynasty. Explore the Ancient China and discover the life of the legendary Empress and her journey to claim power and rule the kingdom. Unlike your typical RPG, Legend of Empress is considered to be a relationship-driven adventure (just think of a traditional visual novel merged with MMORPG elements). It features a rivalry between two noble noble ladies, the empress Xiao Lianyi and lady Nian Suyan. The game will revolve around the battle of power and authority while also feature elements of fantasy and romance. If you are into such genre, then you should definitely explore the Legend of Empress and see what else this unique RPG has to offer.

Legend of EmpressThe Gameplay

Interestingly, the game will focus into many things and there are many areas a player can explore. The mechanics are simple as it works the same way with traditional RPG games. If you are tired of those typical dungeon crawling adventure, then you might want to explore the Ancient Chinese civilization. The game managed to capture everything about the Ancient chine and the stories are wonderfully crafted. You can tell how well they polished this game to every single details. The costumes, the atmosphere and even the story are seemingly well-researched. Despite the fact that the game is merely fictional, the game will definitely take you back in time and explore the ancient Chinese civilization.

Legend of Empress features elements similar to a visual novel. It is a game that will not just focus on combat alone as it provides great emphasis with the story. Much like a visual novel, the game comes up with various endings depending on your choices. Even when it comes to the dress you wear because you must apply those that are appropriate for your class, otherwise, you’ll face consequences. Of course, much like any RPG, the game will only progress by accepting and accomplishing Storyline Quests.

Legend of EmpressStrategic Battle System

A role playing game is not completed without a combat system. In Legend of Empress, you set yourself in a series of battle against other nobles. At the very beginning of the game, you will be asked to select your preferred class. There are four classes or jobs to choose from which include Guard, Scholar, Physician and Chef. Each has their own creative storyline to explore. They also feature different attributes such as Damage, Agility, Shield, Support and Control. You can also pick your preferred gender.

Basically, in Legend of Empress, you enter the battle field through quests.  Simply tap on the Quest Icon from the main page (located on the far left side). This page lists down all the available quests you can take and it will either ask you to interact with NPC or engage you directly on a battle. You can also manually enter the battle by tapping the “Instance” building. This page showcases all the enemies that you should fight on a sequential manner. Tap their icon and enter the battle. Interestingly the combat system is done automatically but you can tap their icons if their special ability is already applicable. You can also arrange their default battle formation by heading to the Team icon from the main page.

Legend of EmpressDress Up, Summoning and Romance

The character design for Legend of Empress is truly impressive. They are seemingly well-researched and captures the Ancient Chinese noble impressively. Part of your journey is to dress up your character appropriately. As what they used to say, your character should dress to impress. Occasionally, you will be asked to visit your wardrobe and you must select the right outfit to get a good rating in return. Customizable costume includes hairstyle, ornament, jewelry, costume and trinket. After applying the everything, tap the Rate button and receive your score (A is the highest rate).

Summoning is also part of the game. You must create a strong army to defend your kingdom. In order to do so, you must someone the most powerful and trustworthy allies. Access the Summon building on the main page and summon heroes of different skills and rarities. Romance is also an important element of Legend of Empress. You will be involved in various affairs and you will meet various people who will either help or harm you in the process. Generally, there’s really too much to explore in this game.

Legend of EmpressVerdict

If you are the type of player who dwells much with story and fond of reading texts, Legend of Empress is definitely a perfect fit for your taste. It wonderful merge the elements of visual novel and strategical RPG. Above all, the game is absolutely well-polished and features stunning details and inviting atmosphere. It is even accompanied with oriental-inspired music which sets the mood right. Currently, Legend of Empress is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can absolutely download the game for free.

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