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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size37 MB
Latest Version1.2.2

Word Cheese is crossword puzzle game that will take you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. It is basically the same with the typical crossword puzzle that you play on mobile but presented into a visually adorable atmosphere. As what the title of the game suggests, instead of the boring word tiles, the letters here are inspired from nothing but mouthwatering cheese! The objective is simple, fill up the boxes with the correct words by connecting the “cheesy” letters from the lower panel. If you love crossword puzzles, then Word Cheese is definitely a right game for you to explore.

Word CheeseThe Gameplay

If you have played crossword puzzles either from newspaper or mobile games, then you should know how this game works. Word Cheese however has a unique approach to your standard crossword puzzle. Instead of filling up the boxes with letters by simply them directly, the game will feature jumbled letters on the lowermost portion of the game screen. The game is like a combination of classic Crossword puzzle and Anagrams. The challenge is not just about forming words but finding the right word to fit in the crossword boxes.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the crossword puzzle which contains boxes that are aligned vertically and horizontally. Underneath the puzzle are the letter tiles that are randomly jumbled. The number of boxes will indicate the length of the hidden word. If there are five boxes aligned vertically, it means that you need to form a five letter word to fill them. To submit the word, simply tap the first letter tile and drag your finger over the next tiles and connect them sequentially. If you are right, the letters fill up the empty boxes. Valid words that are not part of the puzzle goes through your Extra Word container  which grant you bonus coins.

Word CheeseHints, Shuffle and Special Boxes

The rate of difficulty in this game is drastically increasing as you progress. Higher levels tend to have lengthy words which makes it more difficult to guess. If you are having a hard time figuring out the word, you can always take advantage of the Hint feature. Simply tap the Bulb icon on the lower left corner of the game screen to reveal a random word on the puzzle. You must pay coins to use the hint feature. Coins are earned every time you submit a correct word.

To help you more in the game, you can also use Shuffle to rearrange the letter tiles. Unlike Hints, Shuffle can be used infinitely without paying any virtual coins. If you want to earn bigger coins, you can also take advantage of the special boxes. From time to time, you’ll encounter Butterflies and Stars. You will be encouraged to create a word where the butterflies and stars are placed. These tiles will have different effects. They can either double up the coins or reveal some letters on the crossword puzzle.

Word CheeseCollection

Another interesting feature of Word Cheese is the Collection. The game allows you to collect various baking tools. In order to collect one, you must finish an entire course (a set of levels). Currently, there are 13 unlockable baking tools from various courses. There is also a portion known as “Dictionary” which basically displays all the special words you submitted. Also, every time you clear a package, you’ll get a bulk reward of coins. You can also multiply or double that amount by watching rewarded videos.


Overall, Word Cheese is a simple yet absolutely adorable word puzzle that you can confidently include on your game list. If you love word games, this one is an ideal candidate. With a user friendly interface, smooth gameplay and visually stunning presentations, Word Cheese is absolutely worth a download. Currently, the game is only available for Android devices and you can download this game for Free. Have fun!

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