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PublisherSimon Lim
PlatformsAndroid 4.0 and up
Size28 MB
Latest Version1.1

Simple, fun and surprisingly challenging! These are the words that can perfectly describe Simon Lim’s Super Ladybug. The goal is simple, guide the Ladybug through a series of obstacle until it reaches the berry.  It sounds simple indeed but you will be surprised on how challenging it would be to complete your goal. The ladybug must skillfully evade all the obstacles it will encounter along the way. If it touches any of the obstacles, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start back from the very beginning. If you think you are skillful enough, feel free to install Super Ladybug on your mobile and see how far you can go.

Super LadybugThe Gameplay

Interestingly, Super Ladybug comes with a very simple set of mechanics. As soon as you download Super Ladybug, the game prompts you immediately on the first level. Basically, here’s how it works. As soon as the game begins, the player will be asked to help the Ladybug navigate a path filled with moving and stationary obstacles. The main objective is clear and simple, maneuver the bug and avoid the obstacles along the way to reach the berry.

Take note that the ladybug has only one path to take. In order to move the bug, simply tap and hold the screen and release it to pause. The path is circular and often represented by a dotted white lines. To clear the game, the bug must reach the last berry at the end of the path but this is not going to be easy.  You will encounter an overwhelming amount of moving obstacles and you must avoid them at all cost. Otherwise, the game will end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning.

Super LadybugUnpredictable Challenges

One thing you will surely appreciate when you download Super Ladybug is the increasing rate of difficulty. You might find it simple and manageable at the first ten levels but that is just to warm you up. Super Ladybug is notably challenging and unpredictable. By the time the player reaches the 10th Level, they will start to encounter even more challenging obstacles. Please be mindful that player is not allowed to stay idle because there is a small moving obstacle chasing you from behind which forces you to move, otherwise, you’ll get killed.

Currently, there are 40 incredible levels to explore with the rate of difficulty drastically increasing as you progress. The complexity for each level is is dramatically increasing and although the stages are seemingly identical, the path and the obstacles are changing dynamically.

Super LadybugSkin and Leaderboard

Another interesting feature of Super Ladybug is the leaderboard system that allows you to compete against other players. The score chart will display all the top players of the day, all week and all time. If you are skillful enough, you might find yourself as one of the leading players. It is also interesting to note that in every level, players are collecting berries. These berries can be used to purchase new skins for your ladybug. This particular feature provides Super Ladybug an great replay value and commendable longevity.


If you are looking for a simple yet fun and entertaining mobile game, Super Ladybug is indeed a perfect addition to your mobile. It has a great replay value, unpredictable gameplay and offers great challenge for the players. Currently, Super Ladybug by Simon Lim (PureGames) on Android Devices via Google Play Store and you can download this amazing arcade game for Free! Good luck and have fun!

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