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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size112.1 MB
Latest Version2.0.9

Drag N Merge is a grid puzzle game that is as simple as what the title suggests. As what the game title connotes, the game requires you to drag puzzle pieces and merge them together in order to progress. The main objective in this puzzle is to get the highest score as possible and to obtain as many 20 tiles as possible. It’s a merging game combined with a tile-matching puzzle similar to 2048 sliding puzzles as the game deals with numbers. Drag N Merge is a progressive game and it will continue to run as long as the puzzle pieces are not reaching the topmost portion of the grid. If you think you are skillful enough to master this puzzle, feel free to explore Drag N Merge and see how far you can go.

Drag N MergeThe Gameplay

The mechanics are absolutely simple and easily manageable yet the game will become surprisingly tricky as you progress. Here’s how it works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted to a 6 by 8 grid. There will be a random numbered tiles at the bottom which will eventually pile up every after 15 seconds. Each tile has a number and in order to successfully merge the two tiles, both of them should have identical value. It means that a “Number 1” tile should be merged with another “Number 1” tile in order to form the “Number 2” tile (the number exponentially grow).

The process of merging tiles is also a challenge. Instead of simply tapping two identical tiles, you need to drag them manually and merge them to the right tile. The two identical tiles should be placed adjacent to each other in order to merge them successfully. This process will become even more challenging when you encounter tiles that are chained to each other. You can only break the chain when you matched the other piece to a separate piece on the grid.

Drag N MergeThe Challenge

The rate of difficulty in Drag N Merge is dramatically increasing as you progress. The bigger the value you unlock, the more matches you need to merge. This will also consume time. Please be mindful that time plays a crucial role in this game. The players are highly encouraged to exert the best of their visual reflexes and also to show off their impressive eye and hand coordination in order to maximize their chances of winning. Take note that another pile of blocks will appear on the grid after 15 seconds. Therefore, you must eliminate as many tiles as you can before they pile up on top.

The game will come to a quick end if the tiles reached the uppermost portion of the grid. However, you have the option to revive the game by watching a rewarded video. It is actually a clever way to input the ad on the game but the ads are still popping up randomly from time to time (another downside of the game).

Drag N MergeReach for the 20

The goal is to get the highest score as possible and you can do it more effectively if you were able to reach the Number 20 tiles. The Number 20 tiles will make a dramatic change to your final score. You’ll get additional bonuses for every 20 tile you got. It is also interesting to note that the game is playable in three levels of difficulty. A player can pick a starting tile of 5, 10 and 15 (with 5 being the easiest and 15 being the most challenging).

The Verdict

Drag N Merge is generally a simple game yet surprisingly fun and challenging at the same time. You will appreciate the fact that the mechanics are not really complicated but you will eventually experience the difficulty as you progress. The game also saves your best score which provides Drag N Merge an impressive replay value. Currently , Drag N Merge is available in both iOS and Android devices and you can download the game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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