Loserfruit Skin Marks The First Female Creator in Fortnite’s Icon Series

PublisherEpic Games
PlatformsAndroid 7.1 and up/ iOS 6.0+
Size355 MB
Latest Version13.00.0-13649811

We got so much great Battle Pass Skins for this season (Check: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass Skins). There’s the lovely Jules who is seemingly taking his brother’s place (Jules is Midas’ sister), Kit who is following his father’s paw prints (Kit is Meowscles’ son), and a bunch of colorful characters like Jade, Ocean, Scuba Jones, and Siona. Of course, let us not forget the fact that we got Aquaman for this season which makes it even more exciting. From time to time, Epic will also introduce us to various skins that you can avail from the in-game shop. This includes the well-embraced Icon series. Interestingly, after Ninja, Epic recently introduced Loserfruit skin that marks the first female skin for the Icon Series.

loserfruit skinIntroducing The Icon Series

The Fortnite’s Icon Series brings the artistic vision, personality, and attitude of top creators to the game. The skin sets are usually products of major collaborations with huge artists and personalities like what they did with Marshmello and Major Lazer. They also pay tribute to some of their top Fortnite creators. Ninja who is one of the Fortnite’s top players (Check: Top 5 World’s Best Fortnite Players of All Time) was the first creator to be introduced in Icon Series. The Ninja outfit was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 1 along with other Ninja Set such as Ninja’s Edge back bling, Dual Katanas (harvesting tool), and Ninja Style emote. Currently, there are six available Icon Series outfits including Travis Scott, Astro Jack, Marshmello, Major Lazer, Ninja, and the recently added Loserfruit skin.

loserfruit skinLoserfruit Skin, A Great Milestone

While the majority of the most-followed Fortnite players and streamers were men, it doesn’t mean female gamers have no space for recognition. The introduction of Loserfruit skin from the Icon series roster is indeed a great milestone. It marks as the first female outfit for the Icon series and also the first female creator to ever get her virtual avatar. Despite the fact that most of the Fortnite gamers are men, it is undeniable that a huge percentage of these players are using Fortnite female skins. So putting a female creator on the popular icon series is absolutely a brilliant idea.

Loserfuit may not have a huge amount of following compared to the leading Fortnite creators but she is among the top female Fortnite streamers out there which gives her a deserving spot for the Icon series. Also, her signature look and her colorful personality match well with Fortnite’s blissful vibe. Currently, Loserfruit has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube with more than 280 million total views while her Twitch account has 1.6 million followers.

loserfruit skinLoserfruit Reacts To Her Loserfruit Skin

Loserfruit recently posted her thoughts about her newly released Loserfruit skin in Fortnite and she was pretty much overwhelmed by the warm embrace from Fortnite community.

FIRSTLY, thanks to Epic for creating such a colorful and beautiful looking skin and great full bundle. Thanks for all your hard work to make the game constantly evolve and exciting for players and creators. And thank you for picking me to be apart of the icon series.

I know there are A LOT of creators that have more subscribers and views. I have been reminded of that fact a lot this week. But I’m glad to be the first female skin in the icon series because let’s be real female Fortnite skins are what 90% of players use. Hope to see more females in icon series and more females in the gaming industry in general, because I know there are a lot of girl gamers out there – I see you.” –  Loserfruit (@loserfruit).

The addition of Loserfuit skin in the Icon series provides a great balance in the gamers’ community. It doesn’t just recognize the increasing number of female gamers but also serves as empowerment that encourages more female gamers in the community.

Being immortalized in a game is a dream for anyone and I feel forever grateful to be given the opportunity. Seeing everyone run around as me and be super supportive of the launch is amazing. I’m very lucky. So thank you for those who have cheered me on throughout the years and watched my videos and streams. I would not have this opportunity without you.” – Loserfruit added.

loserfruit skinWhat’s With Loserfruit Skin?

The Loserfruit skin is entirely based on the outfit she wore to the Australian Open last January. Loserfruit comes with the Buddy Bag back bling. It was revealed that the pink bunny in the bag represents iLee, and the Tomatohead plush represents Mong, both of whom were well known for “stream sniping” her for years. The plushes represent each of them as they would always wear that “outfit” while stream sniping, ie, iLee uses the Rabbit Raider outfit, while Mong uses Tomatohead outfit. The banana plush represents “Fruitopia,” Loserfruits fanbase, all completed with her logo.

The Loserfruit skin is part of the Loserfruit set that includes the Buddy Bag Back bling, the colorful Fruit Punchers harvesting tool, and Bounce Berry emote. You can purchase the Losefruit Bundle for 1800 V-Bucks.

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