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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size258.9 MB
Latest Version2.9.0

Most Rhythm mobile games today often feature music from either Indie artist or songs that are often remixed. Possibly to avoid some copyright issues. In such a case, Tiles Hop by Amanotes takes a big leap far from its competitors. Tiles Hop takes you to a fun and challenging rhythm game adventure showcasing some of the world’s popular music from Sia’s Chandelier to Marshmello’s Alone and many more. Take note that this is not a Tap Tap game but more of a merge between a ball game and rhythm challenge. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game, feel free to explore Tiles Hop and see how far your skills can take you.

Tiles HopThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Tiles Hop are very simple yet tricky and challenging. Your main objective is to complete each song by skillfully guiding the bouncing ball from one tile to another. The tiles or commonly referred here as “Drop Beat” will be randomly position in an upscrolling screen. Simply follow the rhythm, hop on the tiles in a timely manner and prevent the ball from falling, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same song back from the very beginning (unless you paid gems or watch a rewarded video).

To play this game, simply tap, hold and drag the bouncing ball as soon as the music starts. Make sure to land on the right spot to keep going. Similar to Piano Tiles, this game features Endless Modes. It will take place right after you completed the entire song and reached the third Star. Endless modes will play the same song but in a relatively faster tempo which makes the game even more challenging. You are also encouraged to collect gems along the way.

Tiles HopHuge Library of Music

One thing you will surely enjoy in Tiles Hop is the huge library of music to choose from. These are not just simple remixed tracks but popular music from various international stars. Most of the songs are relatable and something all of us are very familiar with. Some of which includes OneRepublic’s Counting Stars, Lucas Graham’s 7 Years, Sia’s Chandelier and Cheap Thrills and many others. Songs are also sorted in various categories from Pop, Classical, Rock, R&B, EDM and more.

Just because you have completed a song doesn’t mean it will automatically unlock the rest. To unlock the song in Tiles Hop, you must either pay Gems or better yet watch a rewarded video. Simply head over to the main menu, select the song you want to unlock and start watching the short ad. An icon is placed beside each song to identify which one can be unlocked through rewarded videos and which one requires gems. Gems, by the way, are obtained from playing songs, completing achievements, gifts or through the in-game shop.

Tiles HopPlay Your Own Song

Imagine playing this game while listening to your favorite music? Well, one of the greatest highlights of Tiles Hop is the player’s ability to upload and play his songs. Yes! You can pick songs directly from your phone’s storage! First, you have to allow the game to have access to your phone storage. Simply pick the “Play Your Own Song” option from the main menu. You just have to watch a short ad to give you access. After watching the ad, you can now browse through your phone’s music gallery and pick the one you want to play. Interestingly, you can download as many songs as you want.

Unlock Different Skins

Tiles Hop also allows players to unlock new skins. There is an overwhelming amount of skins you can unlock in this game which you can perfectly match to more than 20 visually stunning maps. Players can unlock new skins in two different ways. You can either watch a rewarded video or buy them using the gems.

Tiles HopThe Verdict

Tiles Hop is truly an amazing rhythm game that you can confidently put on top of your mobile game list. It managed to differentiate itself from other rhythm games by allowing players to upload and play their own songs. To top it all, the music library for Tiles Hop is filled with many popular and relatable songs that every player will enjoy. Just be mindful though that this game requires a stable internet connection and it will definitely consume space on your phone storage because each song should be downloaded to the system to make them playable. Overall, it is a great game and absolutely worth a download. Tiles Hop is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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