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PlatformsiOS 7.0 or later
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Latest Version1.1

Simple, fun and addictive! These are probably the best three words to describe Simon Lim’s One Touch Drawing Glow 2. The game takes you to a series of wonderful levels with varying range of difficulties. As what the title of the game connotes, your main objective is to draw the featured shape without passing or drawing the same line twice. Joining you in solving this puzzle is the adorable Elsa who will be there on every level. If you think you can help her become even smarter, feel free to download One Touch Drawing Glow 2 and see how far you can go.

One Touch Drawing Glow 2The Gameplay

One Touch Drawing Glow 2 comes with a very simple set of mechanics. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game is surprisingly tricky and challenging. As soon as it begins, the game prompts you to the first level which features a glowing shape. The shape is composed of line segments connecting each other. Your goal is to draw the same object by drawing lines and by connecting one end point to another. However, there is one main rule to follow, never draw the same line twice. Otherwise, the level will not be cleared.

The complexity of each level will dramatically increase as you progress. The first ten levels might be easily manageable but you will eventually encounter puzzles that will surely put your skills and knowledge on a test. To top it all, you will eventually encounter challenging elements like direction triggers in which you must draw the line passing in specific direction.

One Touch Drawing Glow 2Unlock Insane Modes

Another interesting element you will definitely enjoy when you download One Touch Drawing Glow 2 is the overwhelming amount of modes to unlock. Baby Mode is the first mode that is already available by default. It is generally composed of simple shapes that you can definitely solve in no time. After collecting enough stars (you can collect a maximum of 3 stars per level), you can soon unlock the rest of the modes.

These modes include Beginner, Master, Expert, Legend and Crazy Mode. The terms are actually good enough to define the player’s level of expertise. Crazy Mode, as what the term suggests, features shapes that are absolutely insane and most are seemingly unsolvable. If you think you are skillful enough to master this game an unlock all the modes, then feel free to download One Touch Drawing Glow 2 and see how far your skills can take you.

One Touch Drawing Glow 2Don’t Forget to Use Hints

In case you are having a hard time figuring out on how to solve a level, you can always take advantage of your hints. Located just beside Elsa is a huge bulb with a number that indicates the amount of hints you can still use. Simply tap the Bulb icon to reveal the clues. Pay attention to the endpoints as numbers will start to appear to indicate the lines’ chronological order.

If you consumed all your hints and if you think you need more, you can always buy more hints. Simply head over to the main menu and tap the Cart icon (just below the Play button). This will prompt you to the One Touch Drawing Glow 2 in-game shop which allows you to purchase more hints using real money or by watching a rewarded video. You can also remove ads by upgrading your account.


One Touch Drawing Glow 2 is generally simple yet surprisingly fun and absolutely addictive. Appearance wise, the game is presented with wonderful details and presentation and not to mention the adorable Elsa who will accompany you all throughout the game. The Neon-light theme is also an engaging concept. Above all, it’s an effective brain teaser game suitable for all types of gamers. Currently, One Touch Drawing Glow 2 by Simon Lim is available for iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

Download One Touch Drawing Glow 2

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