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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.13.2

The Angry Birds franchise has come a long way and it seems like Rovio Entertainment is not yet willing to tame down the popular short-tempered birds. Angry Birds Dream Blast is the newest offering of Rovio which is probably in line with their recent movie “The Angry Birds Movie 2”. Angry Birds Dream Blast will take you to a series of colorful and tricky levels with a varying range of difficulties. The main objective is to reach your target goal within the limited number of moves by popping and matching bubbles of the same color. If you are up for an exciting journey with your favorite colorful characters, feel free to explore the Angry Birds Dream Blast and see what else this game has to offer.

Angry Birds Dream BlastThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Angry Birds Dream Blast are generally simple and easily manageable. You do not need any detailed instruction to pick up the gameplay. As what mentioned above, the objective is to clear all levels by reaching your target goal. To do so, you must pop and match bubbles of the same color either to clear them up or to create birds. Rovio Entertainment has created many Angry Birds spin-offs which feature an entirely different gameplay compared to its classic franchise. There’s the Angry Birds Match which is generally a Match 3 puzzle and there’s the Angry Birds Pop which is a Bubble Shooter.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is more of a merge between bubble popper and a bubble matching puzzle. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the first level. The game takes you to different maps and each will be filled with various colorful bubbles. Your objectives will vary per level. Some of which will ask you to clear a certain number of specific bubbles while others will ask you to get the eggs to the bottom-most part of the stage.

There are also levels that will require players to clear off the dark clouds by matching and popping bubbles on top of it. Just be mindful that you only have a limited number of moves per level. If you run out of moves and the objectives are still not reached, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning.

Angry Birds Dream BlastColorful Bubble Popper

Angry Birds Dream Blast is as colorful as Rovio’s main Angry Birds series. The game will highlight the classic Angry Birds characters but in their young counterparts. It features Red, Chuck, and Bomb as the game’s principal characters. To create birds, you must merge four or more bubbles of the same color. If you tap on four or more adjacent bubbles of the same color, you will create Red which has the ability to destroy lines of bubbles. To create Chuck, you must merge Red to another Red bird. The two Red Birds should be adjacent to each other to make a successful merge. Chuck has the ability to destroy bubbles in 4 directions.

If you got two Chucks merged together, that is the only time you can create Bomb. Bomb, however, can no longer be merged with another Bomb but tapping the bird alone will create bigger destruction and destroys more bubbles. The rate of difficulty in this game will drastically increase as you progress. Eventually, you will encounter various obstacles that are common to most Angry Birds franchise. You might encounter ice and rock blockages, pigs, and other challenging obstacles that will surely put your skills on a test. Every time you completed a level, you will gain XP points and if you have earned enough, you will gain a new level which allows you to unlock other features such as Teams and more.

Angry Birds Dream BlastAmazing Powerups and Colorful Events

Aside from the powerful birds, players can also take advantage of the powerups that you can use during the game. Currently, there are three consumable powerups in this game including the Shooting Star, the Slingshot, and the Shuffle. Each has a different purpose but they are only given in limited numbers so make sure to use them wisely. Shuffle allows you to shuffle the dream bubbles while Slingshot allows you to remove an object. Shooting Star, on the other hand, allows you to destroy a large portion of bubbles.

What really makes this game more enjoyable are the special and sometimes limited events that you can participate. There’s the “Stop the Weapon” campaign which will encourage you to collect randomly distributed icons from all levels and earn limited-edition Angry Birds Movie 2 Avatar. You can also take advantage of the Win Streak campaign which allows you to start levels with birds (without the need of merging them and saves you a move). The game will also introduce you with other Multiplayer elements like Teams (allows you to send and request Free Lives) and Level Race (compete with other players on a score chart).

Angry Birds Dream BlastThe Verdict

Angry Birds Dream Blast may not capture the original Angry Birds game but it is certainly something worth exploring. It is absolutely new to the franchise which offers simpler gameplay. Despite the apparent simplicity, the game still provides you with a decent challenge to put your skills on a test. Appearance-wise, Angry Birds Dream Blast is absolutely a visual delight, adorned with colorful details and wonderful music to set the vibrant mood. Rovio Entertainment has been using the same format with their Angry Birds series and this game somehow provides a new taste to their ever-growing mobile game franchise. Currently, Angry Birds Dream Blast is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this colorful game for free. Cheers!

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