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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.3.1

Riding a roller coaster is truly a great experience but who would have thought that managing your own Roller coaster amusement park is even more exciting? From the creators behind Idle Human and Sushi Bar comes another addictive incremental game. Idle Roller Coaster, as what the title suggests, is a new idle game that takes you to a fun and engaging amusement park management adventure. Your main objective in this game is to manage an amusement park, upgrade your roller coaster rides, add various attractions and invite more customers t earn more profit. If you think you have the skills, feel free to explore Idle Roller Coaster and see how far your management skills can take you.

Idle Roller CoasterThe Gameplay

The mechanics for the game are generally simple and easily manageable. Knowing that this is an idle game, most of the game’s features are automated and works well even without the player’s manual interactions. The upgrades, however, should be done manually in order to progress. As what mentioned above, the main objective for Idle Roller Coaster is to run an amusement park and earn as many profits as possible. Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game starts, it will prompt you right away to your first amusement park. Initially, the park is only composed of basic items such as the standard roller coaster track, a single car, and a queuing station.

Located below the game screen are three clickable tabs which all play a crucial role in managing your amusement park. The three buttons include Ticket, Speed and Cars. You upgrade the Ticket to increase the ticket price per customer while Speed is responsible for boosting the roller coaster’s movement. Cars, on the other hand, will increase the number of cars on the roller coaster, thus increasing the number of customers you can accept per loop. You can also manually tap the screen to boost the speed of the roller coaster. Every time, you completed a loop, you will earn a certain amount of EXP points and if you have earned enough, you will gain a new level which allows you to extra profit.

Idle Roller CoasterUpgrade Your Roller Coaster

The most essential part of Idle Roller Coaster is, of course, upgrading the ride. Much like any idle game, the more you upgrade your ride, the more profit you will earn. In this game, the upgrade can be done in many ways. The first way is through the major upgrade buttons below the game screen. Upgrading the number of cars can help you earn money faster. You can also pay attention to increasing your ticket price to make your amusement park more productive while upgrading speed can help you boost your income faster. Aside from the three major upgrade buttons, you can also upgrade your Station.

Simply tap the station and it will pop up another window. The Station window has three upgradeable options including Customers Frequency, Station Capacity, and Queue Capacity. Customers frequency, as what the term suggests will increase the number of customers while Station Capacity will improve the number of customers that the station can accommodate. Queue Capacity will increase the queuing line. Take note that all upgrade prices will increase exponentially. You can take advantage of the Level Up money prize or you might also find the Reward video deals quite handy as they can double or triple your rewards.

Idle Roller CoasterCountries and Ornaments

Idle Roller Coaster is more than just a Roller coaster ride. Aside from the objectives to earn more profit, you are also encouraged to improve the entire amusement park. Eventually, once you have reached a certain number of cars, you will be able to unlock new tracks. The new tracks will not just make your amusement park more attractive but they can also drastically improve the park’s overall performance. Aside from the major upgrades, you can also make your park more appealing by adding ornaments. Located on the upper right corner of the game screen are two other icons, the Tower (Countries) and Ribbon (Ornaments) icon.

Simply tap the Ornament icon and it gives you access to other items you can add on the amusement park. These include balloons, ice cream trucks, burger, and fast food joints. They will not just add beauty but they also add extra income as well. Once you have earned enough money and once you have upgraded the park into its maximum level, you will eventually unlock a new world. This will take you to a new country and new scenery but you have to start again back from scratch. You can, however, switch from one world to another.

Idle Roller CoasterThe Verdict

Idle Roller Coaster is a simple yet fun and surprisingly addictive idle game. It’s a colorful and visually stunning idle game and an engaging amusement park management simulation that everyone will surely enjoy. The game, however, is filled with many tempting offers which will encourage you to watch ads over and over. Almost all deals come with a reward video which allows you to multiply your rewards. Good thing is that they are optional yet absolutely tempting as the rewards are truly generous. If you are looking for a light yet entertaining idle game for your mobile, Idle Roller Coaster is definitely a perfect fit. Currently, Idle Roller Coaster is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing idle game for free. Have fun!

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