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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size145.9 MB
Latest Version1.13.3070

A large park in the city was merely abandoned. Good thing you were there to rescue the park and bring it back to its former glory. Park Town is a colorful and fun match 3 tile-matching puzzle that takes you to a series of engaging and challenging levels. You play the role of a guy who bought the large abandoned park with a mission to restore its beauty. If you have played games like Gardenscapes or Sweet Escapes, Park Town works the same way. Collect stars to renovate the park and solve puzzles to clear each level. If you think you have what it takes to bring the park back to its former glory, feel free to explore Park Town and see how far you can go.

Park TownThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to the large park. The mayor of the town will welcome you to explain all the details you need to know. Much like Gardescapes, you will start the renovation from the very scratch. You need stars in order to renovate the park and you can only obtain them by solving the puzzles. Players can only play one puzzle at a time and each puzzle grants you a single star (expect when solving Super Hard Levels where you can earn two).

The puzzle works the same way with your typical match 3 tile matching challenges. You will be prompted to a dynamically-changing grid filled with colorful tiles. The objective per level will often vary but the gameplay was very much the same. Simply match three or more identical tiles to clear them from the grid. Some levels will ask you to collect a certain number of tiles while others will ask you to drop various items from top to bottom.

Park TownTake Advantage of the Powerups

Much like most tile-matching games, Park Town allows you to use powerups and boosters. You can use these items to maximize your chances in winning. Players can obtain these powerups in various ways. The most common of them all is by matching four or more tiles of the same color. Matching four adjacent tiles allows you to earn rockets which gives you the ability to eliminate an entire row or an entire column. Five or more tiles allows you to activate bombs which can create a bigger explosion, clearing all nearby tiles.

If you have matched 5 straight adjacent tiles of the same color, you’ll earn a rainbow booster which allows you to eliminate all tiles of the same color from the grid. You can also merge both powerups for a greater and stronger effect. Interestingly, you can also buy powerups before each level. On top of that, Park Town also features special consumable Boosters that you can purchase during the game.

Park TownFrom Small Park to Park Town

The best part about this game is progress. You will witness how a seemingly abandoned park will turn into something big and colorful. As you progress in this game, you will soon unlock various areas and meet different people and animals who will be part of the huge park. The first few levels are easily manageable but the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. Puzzles are becoming more and more challenging and the required amount of stars per action will also increase.

Interestingly, Park Town also features some multiplayer function by connecting the game to your Facebook account. This allows you to ask for help from your friends in case you run out of stars. You can also help them in return. Take note that the game has an energy system which refills automatically in a certain amount of time. If you run out of energy, you can either ask help, wait for the energy to be refilled or better yet buy from the in-game shop.

Park TownThe Verdict

Match 3’s addictive formula seemingly never failed and Park Town captures all the addictive elements that will make you enjoy this game in full extent. Appearance-wise, the game is adorned with colorful and visually stunning details. It also comes with a compelling progressive plot which makes Park Town even more engaging. You can also enjoy those limited events that allow you to win great prizes. Overall, if you are looking for a simple and undeniably addictive tile-matching game, Park Town is definitely a great catch. You can download Park Town for free and is available for both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!

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