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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.42.21

How to Train Your Dragon movies recently come to an end with its final installment released early this year. The franchise might already embrace their conclusion on the big screen but the adventure is seemingly not yet over. Dragons: Rise of Berk will take you back to the world where dragons and Vikings unite. The Isle of Berk is on the verge of great threat and you must help Hiccup and Toothless defend their tiny village from these mysterious strangers. Dragons: Rise of Berk will take you to an epic empire-building adventure. Your goal is to build a strong and sustainable community. Explore the island, gather resources, search and train dragons and protect Berk from invaders.

Dragons Rise of BerkThe Gameplay

Dragons: Rise of Berk comes with a very simple set of mechanics. The game generally works the same way with other empire or city-building games. In the entire course of the game, players will rely heavily on completing various missions, upgrading buildings and collecting dragons. Despite the apparent simplicity, Dragons: Rise of Berk has so many great things to offer. It is an absolute visual delight that captures the same atmosphere that we loved and enjoyed from the movie franchise. Most of all, you are going to deal with all the beloved characters from Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and more.

The game may not require any extensive skills as it doesn’t focus much on combat but players are still encouraged to pay attention to their quests. You might find yourself trying to accomplish multiple missions at a time. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to Berk. You start with basic buildings including the Meade Hall which serves as the heart of your village. Hiccup and Toothless also serve as your default characters. Eventually, you will expand your territory to accommodate more Vikings and dragons. All of them will play hugely significant roles that allow you to progress on the game.

Dragons Rise of BerkComplete Missions and Collect Dragons

The most important elements of Dragons: Rise of Berk are the missions or quests. Although you can perform anything in this game, you still have to rely on your main quest to progress. To top it all, quests are very important because that’s where you earn valuable rewards. Quests will vary from time to time but most of them will ask you to construct buildings and upgrade them. Some quest will ask you to search for a new breed of dragons while others will require you to train and upgrade them. There are many elements in this game that you should pay attention to. You have to monitor your resources and make sure you have ample supply, otherwise, it will only slow down your progress.

The population is also an important element. Some upgrades or constructions cannot be done unless you have reached a certain number of Vikings. Of course, this game will not be completed without the dragons themselves. Dragons are the key element of this game. Toothless is capable of searching dragon eggs. Simply send him into mission and allow the dragon to return with items. If you re lucky enough, you might capture a dragon egg in return. The egg will be placed on a Hatchery to be hatched. Each dragon has its own place in the village (if not, you need to clear some trees and stones or place them temporarily in Hangar.

Dragons Rise of BerkTrain The Dragons

Training a dragon is definitely the most essential part of the game. The game allows you to unlock more than 400 different dragons that are derived from the popular franchise (from both movies and TV series). Each dragon is capable of learning different skills and all you need to do is to send them into training. Academy plays an important role in training your dragon and it should be constantly upgraded to accommodate more dragons in the process. To level up a dragon, you must feed them with fish and therefore, you must also pay attention to your food supply and upgrade them if necessary.

Dragons can learn how to catch fish or collect wood. Like Toothless, some of them can scout for valuable items such as dragon eggs and more. As you progress and as the population grows, you will be asked to explore other places near Berk. Interestingly, there are more than 60 unique islands throughout the Viking territory to explore. You can also enter brawl against your rival Riders in the Arena or participate in Berkin Feasts. The game has many other features to explore which gives Dragons: Rise of Berk a commendable longevity.

Dragons Rise of BerkThe Verdict

If you are an avid fan of How To Train Your Dragon film series, Dragons: Rise of Berk is definitely an awesome addition to your mobile. The game managed to capture the right atmosphere which makes you feel being transported to the Train Your Dragon universe. Dragons: Rise of Berk is an absolute visual delight. You will be treated with amazing visuals and impressive audio effects. Not to mention the well-polished gameplay that every gamer will enjoy. Just be mindful that this game heavily requires a stable Internet connection, otherwise, you may not enjoy the game in full extent. Overall, Dragons: Rise of Berk is truly worth playing with. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this epic adventure game for free. Good luck!

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