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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
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Latest Version1.3.8.2

From the successful game comes an equally impressive and possibly more addictive sequel! Voodoo recently released the much awaited 2. The game follows the same concept of its predecessor but with some notable changes which make this sequel a whole lot better. Much like its predecessor, the main objective in this game is to be the last avatar standing. A certain time frame will be given to all the players to conquer one another. The player with the largest territory wins the match. If you think you are skillful enough to master this epic game, feel free to explore 2 and see how far your skills can take you. 2The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple. If you are aware of the classic games like Pac-Xon, this is where the gameplay of 2 is inspired from. It also works the same way with many other leading io games. As soon as the game begins, the players will be prompted to a map. It’s a multidirectional strategy game so you can freely roam around the area. Initially, you will be given only 0.66% of the whole area of the map. To start increasing the territory, move around the area and create a trail. You should manage to go back to your respective territory in order to broaden your covered area.

The challenge comes in when you have to protect your area or even yourself from your enemies. Basically, you lose the game if an enemy touches your trail even before you managed to get back to your own territory. You also lose the game if you touch your own trail. Just think of the classic Snake game or the popular game. 2Simplicity at Its Best

In 2, there are no items needed to be collected or quests that should be fulfilled. You are given with one simple goal and that is the game all about. No side quests, no achievement system. Generally, it is indeed simplicity at its best. Appearance wise, the game also features simple graphics. You will be prompted to a blank white map and the only things that make the screen colorful are the trails and territories.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the player is still encouraged to establish the most effective strategy to maximize the chances in winning. Visualize the map carefully and exert the best of your eye and hand coordination to prevent the enemies from killing you. Sometimes smaller scale can go a long way. Do not attempt to conquer bigger areas yet and try to set your progress slowly but surely. 2Unlock New Skins and Beat Your Score

Since there is no other option to collect or gather any form of currency, the game basically lacks a shop system but there is a way to unlock new skins. To unlock new skins, you must complete certain achievements. A doughnut Skin, for instance, can be unlocked once you have killed the King (the player with the largest territory). Some skins can be unlocked by killing a certain amount of enemies in a single battle while others require you to cover a certain percentage of the entire map.

Another interesting element of 2 is the leaderboard system. Whether you are dealing with AI opponents or real-time online players, the game will always record your personal best. This includes the number of enemies you killed on a single match and also the largest percentage you have covered. This particular feature provides 2 an impressive replay value. Not to mention that every game is unpredictable. The game also allows you to respawn the character from where you left off but you need to watch an advertisement in return.

The Verdict 2 is truly an addictive game. It captures the same addictive formula of most io games today. However, just like most Voodoo games, one of the most notable downsides of 2 is the lack of music which could have made the game more engaging. Despite the missing features, 2 is absolutely worth playing. Simple, fun and addictive! That’s how you can perfectly describe this game. 2 is currently available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game for free.

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