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We all know Klondike as a type of solitary card game but this one created by Vizor will give a brand new meaning to it. Klondike Adventures will take you to Alaska and allows you to be engaged in an epic journey. It is generally a city-building game but wonderfully merges a lot of great other elements on it. The game will give focus on farming, expeditions, crafting and solving interesting mysteries along the way. Klondike Adventures has so many interesting features to offer and many areas are waiting to be explored. So if you are up for an epic adventure, feel free to explore Klondike Adventures and see how far you can go.

Klondike AdventuresThe Gameplay

We have seen a lot of great city-building mobile games and each offers different themes and different objectives. In Klondike Adventures, you are not really going to start from the very scratch. The game welcomes you in a seemingly remote place in Alaska. Much like most games that fall into the same category, you will be asked to gather resources which you can get through farming and exploration. Generally, this game comes with very simple mechanics. Players will be given with Quests that they need to complete to progress.

It is also interesting to note that the game follows a certain plot and you will be able to get to know more about the character as you progress. You will also meet various villagers who will eventually give you some quests to accomplish. Take note that every action requires a certain number of energy and the value needed is not just one is to one. It depends on the scale of work that needs to be done. Bigger boulders, for instance, requires a bigger amount of energy to clear them off.

Klondike AdventuresGo on Epic Expedition

Klondike Adventure actually reminds me of Robinson’s Island by Pixonic. It shares the same concept of exploring remote places but Klondike will take place in a different setting. Unfortunately, Pixonic took down the game and is no longer available on both Google Play Store and AppStore. In the entire course of this game, the player will be asked to take and complete quests to progress.  Although you can perform almost everything, you will still rely on your current quests, otherwise, you are putting your energy to waste.

Aside from your home island, you will set yourself on a long expedition, exploring one place after another. Gathering resources is very important in this game and you can obtain them not just through farming. Cutting down trees, for example, allows you to gather woods or logs which you can later use to produce other products. You will also be asked to construct various production buildings to get specific materials that you need to complete certain quests.

Klondike AdventuresDiscover Treasures and Explore Mysteries

Klondike Adventure is more than just your casual farming and city-building game. It comes with interesting plotlines too which makes the game even more engaging. As you progress, you will meet various interesting characters and each of them has their stories to tell. This comes with some intriguing mysteries that you need to solve along the way.

The game is also very generous when it comes to resources. While exploring various places, you will encounter crates which grants you with overwhelming items. Some of which allows you to earn extra energy. Speaking of which, Energy meter refills automatically and it has no limit as well. Let us say, your energy meter is full and if you earned extra energy along the way, this amount will be carried over to your current energy level. There is also a building you can construct that allows you to convert food into energy.

Klondike AdventuresThe Verdict

Klondike Adventure is truly a magnificent game. The game is impressive in almost every aspect. It comes with a visually stunning graphics, addictive and unpredictable gameplay, and a very compelling plot. There are so many areas to explore which gives the game remarkable longevity. To top it all, this game works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection. Overall, it is definitely a mobile game that you can confidently download on your device. Currently, Klondike Adventure is available on both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and have fun!

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