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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size20 MB
Latest Version1.0

Delizioso! It is time for an appetizing cooking game that your kids will surely enjoy! Pizza Maker, as what the title of the game suggests, will let your kids explore their creative side by making some of the world’s delicious pizza. The game is generally simple and is catered mainly for young gamers especially to enhance their cognitive skills. Your main objective is to make a pizza from the very scratch. You start from making the crust to adding sauce and toppings and serving it with various add-ons. If you’re looking for a simple cooking game for your kids, Pizza Maker is absolutely a perfect fit.

Pizza MakerThe Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple and easily manageable which makes this game absolutely ideal for kids. Most of the items here are tap-based and it doesn’t involve any complex processes. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the main page which allows you to pick any of the three available pizza. Pizza Maker features three different pizzas and each will vary in terms of their ingredients. Pick your preferred pizza and the game prompts you to the first process.

Interestingly, much like a typical dress up and cooking games, the game will take you to different phases that should be taken sequentially. You start with making the crust by mixing different ingredients. All ingredients are already prepared and all you need is to tap them and mix them all. After mixing the batter, you will be asked to flatten the pizza dough with the rolling pin. The next process is to add the sauce and all the other ingredients on top. Place the pizza in the oven and serve it with various add-ons like fries and soda.

Pizza MakerChoose Your Pizza

Pizza Maker features three different pizzas. It includes flavors like Meat Lovers, American Favorite, and Deluxe Cheese. You can choose any pizza you want as they are all instantly available and you do not have to unlock anything. It is interesting to note that all pizza will undergo the same process of preparation. They will only vary when it comes to the toppings. Meat Lovers, as what the term suggests, is an all-meat pizza flavor. Although it is not clearly identified, based on the illustration, the pizza is composed of tomato sauce, sausages, ground meat, pepperoni and grated cheese on top.

All ingredients for the pizza dough are the same. You just need to mix water, flour, salt, sugar and olive oil. Deluxe Cheese Pizza is way more simple to prepare. All it needs is a combination of tomato sauce and a great amount of cheese. American Favorite, on the other hand, is filled with tomato sauce, meatballs, bacon, mushroom, and cheese.

Pizza MakerAn Ideal Game for Kids

Pizza Maker doesn’t come up with any complex rules. It is a straightforward game that is intentionally made for kids to improve their cognitive skills. The game features a visually stunning graphics that are perfectly matched with well-fitting music to set the mood. It is a child-friendly mobile app that you can confidently download on your kid’s mobile device.

Ads were cleverly inputted in this game but you can always isolate them by purchasing No-Ad feature in such minimal amount. The ads are tolerable though so there is really nothing to worry about them. It is also interesting to mention that the game works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection and most of all, it doesn’t consume much of your phone storage either.

Pizza MakerThe Verdict

Pizza Maker is simple, fun and definitely child-friendly. It comes with well-polished graphics and well-fitting music that kids will enjoy. If there are other things we need from this game, we probably need more pizza on the menu. Other than that, Pizza Maker is an adorable mobile game that you can confidently download on your kid’s device. It works even without an Internet connection so your kids can play with it anytime and anywhere. Currently, Pizza Maker is available only for Android devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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