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PublisherGame For Rest
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size10 MB
Latest Version2.0.3

1LineIf you are looking for a game that will surely test your brain, you might consider playing 1Line. This game by Games For Rest takes you to a series of surprisingly tricky and challenging levels. As what the title of the game suggests, your goal is to connect the dots with only one touch without lifting your finger. The tricky part is the fact that you are not allowed to pass through the same line. According to the game, only 1% of the people can complete some of the hardest levels. So if you think you have what it takes to win this game, feel free to play 1Line and see how far you can go.

1LineThe Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple. The game prompts you to a simple puzzle that basically contains colored dots and gray lines. The objective is to connect the dots by drawing line segments without passing through the same line. Some levels, however, will require you to pass the same line more than once. You can only clear a level when all dots are connected and all gray lines are filled.

Appearance wise, 1Line will welcome players with simple interface. It takes you to a simple white screen with the line puzzle on the middle. There are three icons below the image which allow you to Undo, Restart and Use Hints. Interestingly, the game has no time limits and it has no score system too. Therefore, the top priority in this game is nothing more but to clear all the levels.

1LineUsing the Hint will briefly show you which dot to start and which direction the line should go. You are initially given with two Free Hints while you can earn the rest from Daily bonus and Rewarded Videos. Use the Undo to undo the previous move while Restart allows you to play the level back from the beginning.

Level Packs

The game in general might be very simple but it takes you to an overwhelming amount of level to explore. The greatest strength of this game is the level packs. Currently, there are 30 level packs to unlock. Each pack has 26 puzzles to solve and you must clear them all in order to advance to the next Level Pack.

Another interesting highlight of 1Line is the Daily Challenge. This campaign allows you to play the featured puzzle of the day. It takes you to a calendar-like interface which allows you not just to access the “puzzle of the day” but also the featured puzzles from the previous days or months. This particular daily puzzle challenge provides this game a decent amount of replay value.

1LineThe rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. You will encounter special elements such as the direction and number times a line should pass on the same segment.


1Line is generally a simple brain training game. Despite of the game’s apparent simplicity, it requires players to visualize each puzzle carefully to win the game. Challenges will range from super easy to frustratingly difficult and seemingly irresolvable puzzles. The ads, however, could be a little annoying but since it can also work offline (except the Daily challenge), players can prevent the ads from popping up. If you are looking for a simple brain puzzle game that will not consume much of your phone storage yet offers decent challenge, this game is definitely a great fit!

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Download 1LINE – One Line With One Touch APK for Android/iOS

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