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PlatformsAndroid 2.3+
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Latest Version1.2

I am a huge fan of first-person shooters, which is why I didn’t hesitate to jump into playing Mountain Sniper Shooting by RAY3D. Currently, the game has over 10 million downloads on Google Play, and after playing it for a little while (well, more like a couple hours a day), I could see why. The action is intense and the challenge is engaging as each level requires you to have sharp reflexes and precision aiming to complete. For an FPS on the Android, Mountain Shooting Sniper is also quite easy to play and fun all around.

Tons of Action

sniper gun aiming

As the name suggests, Mountain Shooting Sniper puts you in the shoes of a sniper who must take down all the baddies in various locations from a secure vantage point on top of a mountain. There is no story to the game, which made it more fun for me because it allowed me to make up my own story. The goal is to survive waves of enemies until you have cleared them all out.

Thankfully, this task is made easy and the fun by the simple control scheme. You aim by dragging the right side of the screen. When you get an enemy in your sights, pressing the fire button releases the kill shot. What makes the game challenging is the fact that enemies move around a lot, making them hard but not impossible to hit. This intensity is amplified when you factor in that the enemy patterns are slightly unpredictable. I didn’t know where they will run next in order to hide. This was brilliant because the enemies seemed more alive and had a sense of self-preservation, making them all the more dangerous as they returned fire.

Enemy under snipper scope

Now, Mountain Shooting Sniper wouldn’t be much of a sniper game if you couldn’t zoom in on your targets. Once you tap the small target icon to the top right of the firing button, you are able to zoom in with your sniper’s scope. You can adjust the slide bar that appears on the left to adjust the level of zoom, allowing for more precision kills. The aiming felt too sensitive at first (it might for you too), but luckily you can adjust this in the settings.

Once you have taken down all enemies, it is on to the next level!

Mountain Shooting Sniper has Tons of Levels

Level select

Okay, speaking of levels, there are hundreds of them. If you like Mountain Shooting Sniper like I did, you will spend hours and days playing each level. The action takes place in various locations, from the Windmill Village, Desert Base to a Radar Station. And each of these locations has hundreds of levels with plenty of bad guys to shoot. The 3D environments are impressive for a mobile game and each level is unique enough to keep the game fresh.

Buy Guns and Shoot Some More

Download Mountain Shooting Sniper APK – For Android/iOS 1

The sniper rifle is not the only gun you can use to rain death upon your foes in Mountain Shooting Sniper. You can purchase other guns, such as an AK47, MP5 or Barret (which is one beast of a sniper rifle). You purchase these weapons from in-game currency, which you obtain by killing enemies (go for headshots to get more coins).

Overall, I had lots of fun shooting in Mountain Shooting Sniper. The action doesn’t let up, and once the shooting starts, all hell breaks loose, delivering intense and exciting action. I found myself holding my breath as I tried to nail these those foes. That speaks volumes about the levels at which this game keeps you engaged. No wonder it has over 10 million downloads!

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