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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Video games often like to put you as the big muscular protagonist that’s able to accomplish anything and stop foes at will. But what if you have to get behind the heels of a cute little creature that’s on the verge of danger? Keep It Alive plays with this premise by having the player do everything possible to avoid letting the cute little creature get struck by any obstacles it may unconsciously run into. You don’t want this adorable thing to destroy itself by accident, and that’s without the fact that this is a game where you go for a high score. This is one of those games where getting a high score is the most important achievement you could come across.

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So what kinds of obstacles can you expect to be harmful to the poor dot? Well, there is an endless series of white shapes that will bounce around in ways that will keep the player on his or her toes. You always have to be ready for what is to come, even if the shapes themselves don’t look all that threatening. Even so, you never know when one of them may get unexpectedly close to hurting the creature as it careens towards it. When that happens, you can bet the game will be over faster than you can say “Oops”! That’s why you would have to try and try again to make sure you learn from your mistakes so you don’t screw up the same way.

But unlike many other games with a similar theme like Flappy Bird, it’s actually fun to protect the creature. Keep It Alive is the kind of addictive experience that you could only get from a developer that knows full well what and what not to do to give off lasting impressions. Because VOODOO are experienced in calculating the fun factor of their simple games, they know for a fact how to ensure the game’s own experience is a blast the whole way through. There is a science to the game’s stylistic art and its easygoing mechanics. That science creates an impact upon the players in ways that make them want to keep playing Keep It Alive. And it works in an intriguing way that VOODOO most likely intended.

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As such, I give Keep It Alive a big recommendation for players looking for a good fashioned arcade style mobile game to compete on. The game has all the bells and whistles of a promising simplistic game, and manages to exceed expectations by making its touch based mechanics fun in ways not seen elsewhere. Now you know what to do: Get out there and protect the creature like your life depends on it! I know for a fact that your score certainly does. With its appealing art style and simple gameplay, Keep It Alive is the kind of game that players would love to come back to time and time and time again.

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Download Keep It Alive APK for Android/iOS

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