Control: Game Review

Let’s review a magnificent 3rd person action-adventure videogame “Control” the new artwork by Remedy Entertainment.

History line

Our protagonist, Jesse Faden, enters the Federal Control Agency, where it will soon discover that in this place, apparently abandoned, certain paranormal events are happening. Jesse will meet the so-called “Service weapon”; a firearm that can only be held by the agency’s director so that she will immediately occupy this position.

The humans with whom Jesse will cross seems to find it somewhat normal for Jesse to be the new director and no one seems to be especially surprised. However, the purpose of all this is that the building is being invaded by beings from another dimension called “Hiss”, which must be eradicated by seizing some employees of this strange place and turning them against our humanity.

Control: Game Review 1

Control is available for PC, Xbox One & PS4

Is there any special content that makes this videogame unique?

Jesse will start without any special power and will gradually unlock a series of supernatural abilities based on finding altered objects that are manufactured in the agency like telekinesis, levitation and the ability to control certain enemies.

All this will help our protagonist to be able to expel an expansive wave capable of pushing enemies or knocking down some walls, as well as tearing out an infinity of elements of the stage to throw them with a devastating force against her enemies, such as stones, fire extinguishers, benches, computers, chairs, etc.

Control is a videogame with a lot of action, but you may also appreciate the different quiet stages with a lot of puzzles, this is because Control is based on this unique world full of constant changes, inside a reality so familiar with the strange & unknown, is on these stages when you’ll need to keep both eyes open since it won’t be easy to distinguish the reality from fiction.

Control: Game Review 2

Get ready for some tips

When playing “Control” you will find yourself with low health in different stages surrounded by a lot of enemies, then you should always “be on the move”, crouch behind some objects, don’t freeze & change locations this will reduce the accuracy of your enemies; remember to collect your “blue shards” after you kill a Hiss to use the ability of Auto-health during or after each battle.

When fighting Hiss monsters make sure you use all resources around you, pick an object and/or pieces of rubble and use your “Launch” ability and throw them at your enemies using telekinesis. The “Launch” ability will be your most powerful attack so don’t waste it all at once, always check your telekinesis energy bar.

Check this video with some of tips & tricks to become a better gamer when playing “Control”;

Download this game!

Throw objects, shoot blast waves, recharge, upgrade your abilities, make a fast travel or levitate, evade your enemies attack and jump in a new world that challenges the laws of gravity, find objects of power, solve mysteries & puzzles. but don’t forget to download this awesome and adventurous videogame.