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PublisherElectronic Soul
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size87 MB
Latest Version1.0.95

download BarbarQ now and become the best barbarian of them allEmbark yourself in an action-packed battle and become the strongest barbarian of them all! If you love those competitive io games (Agar and Slither to name a few), then you will surely find BarbarQ equally entertaining. The main objective is to become the strongest barbarian of them all. Using your skills and weapons, you must eliminate every enemy you encounter along the way. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to download BarbarQ and see how far your skills can take you.

Like most io games, BarbarQ is a multidirectional fighting game. Your goal is to take control of your hero, navigate the map and kill as many enemies as you possibly can. This colorful game takes you to an adorable atmosphere but filled with action and fun! You can download BarbarQ on both Android and iOS for free!

download BarbarQ and win arena battlesThe Gameplay

The mechanics for the game are generally simple yet it requires player to establish the most effective strategy to win. The main campaign will take place in BarbarQ Arena. This will send you in a battlefield where you can freely roam. Prior to the actual battle, the game will ask you to select your character. There are seven playable characters to choose from; BarbarQ, Valvyrie, KKLion, Momolko, Sasatta, BarbarChoi and Bombobit. Not all of them are instantly available as you have to unlock the rest by completing various tasks.

After picking the character, you now have to prepare yourself in the battle. You can navigate around the map through the visual joystick while you can attack using the tap based buttons. Interestingly, each character has their own special weapon and unique skills. You can also acquire skills when performing combos during the battle. Like most io games, you can revive the characters as many times as possible within the given time frame. It also follows a rank system which you can find through the leaderboard. The player with the most number of kills and mushroom collected wins the battle.

download BarbarQ and select colorful charactersColorful Characters and Atmosphere

One thing you will surely enjoy when you download BarbarQ is the colorful nature of the game. The first thing you will notice are the colorful cartoonish characters. The animation and the design will greatly remind you of Supercell’s Clash of Clans. Currently there are seven characters in the game. Each character or hero has unique skills which you can upgrade in full potential. Just head over to Hero page and go to Awaken Tab to upgrade their skill tree.

To top it all, each character has special skins you can use. You can also customize their footprints and emojis too. The map however is not as dynamic as it should be. The pixel art environment is undeniably adorable yet somehow repetitive. Despite the apparent simplicity the game is still good and entertaining enough to enjoy!

download BarbarQPet System, Guild and Other Campaigns

Another interesting feature of BarbarQ is the pet system. The players can collect pet through special events, bonuses, achievements and other reward system of the game. The pets are more than just a companion as they can also help you in the battle. Pets will dramatically increase your attributes. Some pets will boost your stamina while others will improve your speed or damage rate. The game also features a Guild system which you can either join or better yet create one your own. There’s also a Team system which you can set before entering the arena.

It is also interesting to note that aside from the BarbarQ Arena, the game also offer various campaigns. There are limited events like Soccer which is created in connection with the FIFA Worldcup. There’s also a Traffic Free AI mode where you must fight against computer-generated opponents within the given time. You can also create your own room and invite friends to play with you.

download BarbarQRanking System

One of the most interesting highlights of the game is the ranking system. This will reflect not just on the live scoreboard each time you enter the arena but also on the total rank chart. The Rank chart is sorted in different categories. The game has separate ranking in Guild, Tier, Heroes, Pet and even the number of followers.

Interestingly, if you download BarbarQ, you can follow other players or better yet earn fans or followers. The rank chart also displays the most popular players based on the amount of Likes and fans. Another noteworthy element in this game is the generous reward system. You can earn bonuses through daily logins, Level Chest, Main and Growth quests.


BarbarQ took the popular io game into another level of fun and entertainment. It is simple yet surprisingly addictive. You might experience some delays in terms of maneuverability but I’m sure developers will fix these bugs real soon. The cartoonish design gives the game a child-friendly atmosphere yet the game never lacks of action. The unpredictability and the ever changing rank system provide this game a remarkable replay value and longevity. Overall, this game is great and absolutely worth playing.

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