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PlatformsAndroid 7.0 and up
SizeVaries with device
Latest Version0.2.3

If you are an avid fan of both Disney and Pixar animated movies, then you will surely find Disney Mirrorverse absolutely worth exploring. Kabam Games, the folks behind Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers, comes with a new action-packed game. This time, it features our well-loved Disney and Pixar movies in a very different universe that is probably way far beyond our expectations. If we grew up seeing our favorite Disney characters in fantasy and enchanting atmosphere, this game will take us on a darker theme. The game takes you to an alternate universe known as the mirrorverse that is currently facing a great threat from unusual malevolent forces. Your goal is to guide your heroes and bring the universe back to its former glory.

Disney MirrorverseThe Gameplay

Just to set some expectations, this newly launched game by Kabam is currently in its beta phase. It had its soft launch last March and it is only made available in selected countries. The game somehow reminds me of the DC Unchained concept but in a less complex way. Compared to Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions, Disney Mirrorverse is notably quite underwhelming in terms of graphics but the idea of reimaging our favorite Disney and Pixar characters sporting some badass weapons and fighting armors is absolutely brilliant. Interestingly, the game follows a very simple set of mechanics that comes with an interesting combat system.

As soon as the game starts, it prompts you immediately to the Mirrorverse. The first character you will encounter is Rapunzel and contrary to her original Disney animated version, this one comes with an edgy and more heroic look. The Mirrorverse version of Mickey mouse will welcome you on your first adventure and will guide you throughout the training phase. Once you entered the battlefield, your character, which is referred to here as the guardian, will automatically move towards enemies and start attacking them. You will gain mana after every hit and you can see the Mana meter below the game screen.

Disney MirrorverseRecruit Heroes

Although the character moves automatically, you can still select the target manually by tapping them directly. When you have earned enough Mana, you will be notified if the special skill is now ready to be activated. Tap the skill icon to execute the special attack. Each character or guardian comes with their own special skills and each skill is also a direct reference to their original Disney and Pixar version. Rapunzel, for instance, uses her frying pan and her long magic hair to attack. Each level comes with multiple stages to explore and it often concludes with a boss fight (bosses are usually the fractured version of our heroes).

Disney Mirrorverse has a gacha system that allows you to recruit new heroes. To summon a hero, you need to collect enough hero shards. Currently, on its beta version, you can only find 10 unlockable characters including Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Sulley (Monster Inc), Merida (Brave), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Scar (Lion King), Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas).  Since this is just part of the early development, there are still many other Disney and Pixar characters to expect in the future. Those who are not included yet on its soft launch can sign up so they can be informed of its global launch.

Disney MirrorverseMultiple Campaigns

Aside from the Story mode that serves as the game’s main campaign, the current version also offers two more modes to explore. There’s the Daily Quest mode which can be unlocked upon completing the first chapter of the first Act and there is also an Event Quest campaign which you can unlock after completing the second chapter of the first Act. Other notable details you should know about the Disney Mirrorverse include the Energy system and its virtual currencies. The game has an energy system that limits the player’s gaming time. Every time you enter a battle, you lose a certain number of energy but you will regain them back over time.

Since this is Disney Mirrorverse, there is no best character in the Disney universe to represent this game other than the magic mirror. From time to time, you will come in contact with the magic mirror that will grant you various powerups to boost your team. Speaking of team, it is important to mention that you are exploring these battles along with other guardians that you unlocked. There is a maximum of three guardians per team and it is up to you to create your desired team of heroes. Each hero comes with their own unique skills and you can also upgrade the characters individually to improve their respective attributes and make them more efficient in the battle.

Disney MirrorverseThe Verdict

Disney Mirrorverse is not yet made to perfection but it comes with great potential and we just can’t wait to see more of its future development. The current beta version, however, comes with some minor yet tolerable glitches. Appearance-wise, Disney Mirrorverse is an absolute visual delight. It may not be as smooth as Kabam’s Contest of Champions but the entire reimagination of our favorite Disney characters in their fighting suit and armor is just unique and brilliant. It’s an epic Disney and Pixar crossover mobile game that we are all waiting for. The game’s beta version will immediately conclude on the first Act and the rest are still for future development. Take note that it is only available in selected countries as of this moment. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this epic game for free. Cheers!

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