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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size88 MB
Latest Version1.2.2

From the studio that brought you movie-inspired games like Jumanji: Epic Run and Hotel Transylvania Adventures comes another epic adventure game. Crazy Labs by TabTale recently launched the Charlie’s Angels: The Game as part of the 2019 movie promotion. Take note that this game is affiliated with Columbia Pictures which makes this the official mobile game of the movie. Charlie’s Angels: The Game is an action-packed platformer game that takes you to a series of challenging levels. The goal is to help your character complete her goals successfully. If you think you have what it takes to become a worthy Charlie’s Angel, this is your chance! Feel free to explore this game and see what exactly it has to offer.

Charlie's AngelsThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. Charlie’s Angels: The Game is more like a merge between an endless runner and a platformer. The gameplay features a lot of endless runner elements but since it has specific goals and targets and the game is done on a level by level basis, it is more appropriate to classify it as a platformer. It is interesting to note that the game will remain faithful to its movie counterpart and features all notable characters from the film. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted immediately on your first mission.

The default character that you will initially use is Elena (the one portrayed by Naomi Scott). Each level comes with a different mission. As soon as you entered the game field, the character will automatically run and the only movements you can manipulate is the ability to jump over obstacles and also the ability to shoot enemies. You can jump by tapping the left portion of the game screen. Tapping it twice allows your character to jump higher. Shooting, on the other hand, can be done by tapping the right portion of the game screen. The game comes with infinite ammunition so there is really nothing to worry about.

Charlie's AngelsDifferent Missions to Complete

As mentioned above, the game features various missions to complete. Fund Raising is a mission that requires you to collect a certain amount of money. Gold coins are randomly distributed across the side-scrolling map. Just be careful not to bump on any obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the mission back from the very beginning (unless you have a Revive powerup that allows you to start from where you left off). The Endurance Training, on the other hand, requires you to reach a certain distance to clear the mission.

Operation Blackout will ask you to destroy all security cameras and complete the mission without getting caught. In this task, you need to use the gun to destroy the targets. Yes We Can mission, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Operation Blackout. Instead of destroying targets, you will be asked to collect them along the way. The Enemy Assault mission is by far, the most intense of them all. As what the title suggests, your goal is to eliminate moving targets while preventing the character from being killed. Every successful mission grants you with a badge and for every three badges you collected, you will increase a new rank. Also, every time you earned a new rank, you will be rewarded with a briefcase that contains bigger prizes.

Charlie's AngelsUnlock New Characters and Upgrade Weapons

The best part of Charlie’s Angels: The Game is the overwhelming number of characters you can unlock. We know that we only have three major characters in the movie; Elena (Naomi Scott), Jane (Ella Balinska), and Sabina (Kristen Stewart). However, this game will introduce more. These are additional characters or agents that are exclusively created for this mobile game. It includes characters like Sofie, Chiara, Dede, Vasilisa, and Erika. Each comes with different special effects too. Some characters will give you an additional Agent bonus when in use while others can give you a streak or a coin bonus.

To make your character more efficient, it is also important to buy upgrades. You can upgrade their weapon for additional damage bonuses. You can access the in-game shop to purchase new guns using either the gold coins you have collected or using gems (the premium currency). Before every mission, you also have a chance to purchase some effective consumables like Helicopter (starts your run with helicopter ride), Armor (Angel armor gadget that protects you from one hit), Revive, and random (random consumables that can be obtained by watching a reward video).

Charlie's AngelsThe Verdict

Charlie’s Angels: The Game may not feature a completely original concept but still a type of action game that is worth exploring. The rate of difficulty in this game is drastically increasing as you progress which makes the game more challenging and more thrilling at the same time. Ads were cleverly inputted and they only appear moderately which is definitely a good thing. Appearance-wise, Charlie’s Angels: The Game treats you with colorful and neat graphics. It comes with colorful character designs that remain faithful to its movie counterparts. Whether you are a fan of the new Charlie’s Angels or not, this game is undeniably an excellent time killer. Currently, Charlie’s Angels: The Game is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing platformer for free. Cheers!

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