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PublisherXiaouiao Zhang
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Latest Version1.0.7

download The OutlivedThe horror survival genre in mobile gaming is seemingly evolving. The success of Last Day of Earth gave birth to many other mobile games that shares the same concept.What makes it even more fascinating is the fact that recent games are way better than LDOE. They corrected all the notable flaws from the original game and offer players a greater experience. The Outlived is one of the latest games that seemingly perfected the horror genre formula. It’s a Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival game where your mission is nothing more but to survive! If you are brave enough, feel free to download The Outlived and see how far you can last.

The Outlived is better than LDOE in many levels and is notably more realistic than WarZ. This game allows you to experience what it feels like being on a post apocalyptic environment. Unlike the aforementioned games, The Outlive features infested city and gives you access to many facilities without the need of explosives just to break in. Gathering resources and weapons are way easier too which gives you greater chances to survive. If you’re up for another epic horror survival, download The Outlived and let your journey begins!

download The OutlivedThe Gameplay

The mechanics for The Outlived are generally simple yet tricky and challenging. If you have played games like Last Day on Earth or WarZ, then you should know how The Outlived works. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to your “home”. Interestingly, the game doesn’t follow any story which could actually make it even more engaging.  Nevertheless, the game follows the same format but with notable improvements. One of which is the ready-made shelter. Unlike LDOE where you literally have to start from scratch, The Outlived provides you with some basic resources.

You already have items you need for your own survival including the stove, the rain catcher, the storage box and even the uniform. The game also treats you with trusty weapons like hatchet and even Flame thrower without the need of scouting and scavenging other areas. Controls are also basic. You move around with the virtual joystick and interact with nearby items by tapping their respective buttons.

download The OutlivedExplore Areas

One thing you should know when you download The Outlived is your main objective. Take note that your goal is to survive and you cannot achieve such by simply staying on your safe zone. Exploring other areas is the most important element in this game. Aside from the zombies, you also need to keep your character from too much hunger and thirst. This requires you to scout for supplies and resources which you can obtain by exploring other areas.

Interestingly, unlike other games that shares the same format, The Outlived turned the gameplay in a very realistic manner. Areas are easily accessible and you do not need any explosives just to break through. Most areas will take you more into abandoned city and other facilities that are infested with zombies. Areas will vary in terms of the level of infestation. Some areas are highly infested with some mutated zombies that are stronger than the normal ones.

download The OutlivedInteract With Online Players

The best thing you will get when you download The Outlived is the game’s multiplayer system. Since this is an online game, there are great chances that you will encounter players along the way. The tricky part here is that other players will either try to kill you to obtain your items or help you along the way. In such case, you need to be prepared and expect random encounters.

The Secret Bazaar for an instance will open in limited time. This is the place where online players meet to purchase limited edition items and supplies. Another great and noteworthy element in the game is the “Objective System”. Although you are free to do anything, you need to complete the Main objectives to earn experienced and gain new level. If you reached certain level, you will be able to unlock other areas too.


The Outlived is a great horror survival mobile game. It improves all the notable flaws from Last Day on Earth. I also love the fact that you are not going to start from the very scratch in this game. The multiplayer component of the game is also dramatically improved. Appearance wise, The Outlived is not a disappointment at all. Graphics are superb and the gameplay is generally impressive. You can confidently download The Outlived and include it on top of your game list!

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