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PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
PlatformsAndroid 4.2+
Size41 MB
Latest Version1.12

Your dragon is hungry! What are you waiting for?! Get in there and feed it. No one wants to hang around a hungry dragon, unless it’s the Hungry Dragon from Ubisoft.


In this fast paced side-scrolling arcade, you control a full grown dragon. Each time you fly through an open world map, you’ll have to feed your dragon as fast as possible. Keep an eye on your life bar, which depletes over time, and also as you encounter more dangerous prey and other obstacles such as traps, arrows and such. Complete special missions each day to receive bonus rewards, and to make the road to unlocking new dragons a bit easier. There are eleven dragons split into five categories, and a lot of pet companions you can get in this little game. Pets fly by your side and help you, either providing a bonus stat, or a special ability they use from time to time. Eat everything in your way, trying to reach highscores, collect coins, gems, and eggs containing pets, either as a whole, or in fragments.

Hungry Dragon


The control system is quite simple and intuitive. Use your left finger to navigate your dragon, and your right finger to apply a certain boost. The default one, which comes with each dragon is a speed boost. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more, different ones. Although easy to use, it can get pretty messy. After some time playing, you’ll certainly grease your screen with your thumb, so your dragon may feel unresponsive occasionally. The concept of the feeding isn’t really that mind-bending. Eat everything in your way, and watch out for spikeballs randomly placed in the air. Collect points to fill up your fire breath bar, and when it activates, burn everything before you. After reaching some altitude, you’ll need to use your speed boost to stay that high. You’ll often run into a prey too big for your dragon to stalk and try to eat.

Hungry Dragon

That’s where these dragon categories come into play. There is extra small (xS), then small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra large dragons (xL). Your companion pets are also split into categories, depending on the type of aid they can give. You may have more than one pet accompany you at the time, but that feature needs to be unlocked. These are split into seven types: food (providing more prey on the map), health, speed, score, fire, defense and unique. Last ones usually have a special type of ability or power they use on a regular basis. You can even unlock and buy/win various costumes for your dragon, which make them look usually more silly or funny, rather than fierce and dangerous. The missions are often centered around objectives you can complete in a single run. For example, survive for two minutes, or eat x number of canaries and such.

Hungry Dragon


This game has 3D models and surroundings, but it’s presented through a 2D camera with no options to alter your view. Although it seems kid friendly and silly from the cover and some advertisement, it’s not. It’s actually full of graphic content: grown dragons devouring sheep, birds, and even humans! And it’s all decorated with a large amount of blood. Dragon models are quite interesting and diverse, as well as pets, but the prey is not that pretty all the times. Some human models, together with a few animal ones look really clunky, unrendered and unfinished. The blood and fire effects do feel a bit cheap, considering that this is a game coming from a AAA developer. Music and sound, however, are top notch. Action-packed themes really do help this game feel engaging and thrilling.

Hungry Dragon

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