Five Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover Events That We All Deserve

Fortnite had some exciting event crossovers in the past seasons. We had it first with Marvel’s Avengers and since then, the Crossovers have become a major part of the game. Some notable crossovers include Star Wars, DC’s Batman, and some Icons like Marshmellow, and the recently concluded Travis Scott event. Some seasons also featured crossovers with other video games like Borderlands and more. Currently, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Crossover Events that we had include Marvel’s Deadpool, Travis Scott, and Harley Quinn. With these crossovers, we can see so many possibilities and we just can’t wait to see more of our favorite characters entering the famous Fortnite realm. Today, we are listing down some potential or ideal Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover events that we should see in the succeeding seasons.

Fortnite chapter 2 CrossoverKINGSMAN

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 recently teased us with a possible Kingsman crossover event. With the recent updates, players can now acquire the famous Kingsman’s Umbrella as one of the loot items. The Umbrella works the same way with the Lightsaber but in a more powerful way. Similar to its movie counterpart, the umbrella can be used to deflect bullets from enemies and also as an effective melee weapon. It can also be used as a glider to prevent players from fall damage. Since the season is on an agent-inspired theme, Kingsman crossover is truly a great fit. They can expand the crossover by adding some cool Kingsman-inspired Skins.

They can also add some of the movie’s famous weapons such as the Kingsman  Pistol and Kingsman Grenade, a specialized gadget which is a hand grenade disguised as a cigarette lighter. Now that we are waiting for a Kingsman sequel this year, it is just right to get an exciting Kingsman crossover event.

Fortnite chapter 2 CrossoverJAMES BOND

If the Agent-inspire theme will be carried over to the next season, there is nothing more appropriate than the world’s most famous Agent, the Agent 007. It would be very exciting to see some of the iconic James Bond weapons like the Baretta 418, the Walther PPK, or even the infamous gold-plated Colt 45 by Scaramanga from the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Interestingly, the current season also features an antagonist that has something to deal with Gold. Midas can turn everything he touches into gold. His mythical weapon (the Drum Gun) is also made with gold.

It is also interesting to mention that James Bond will have its 25th installment this year entitled No Time to Die starring Daniel Craig. It is very timely to have James Bond on the game either through skins or adopt some iconic James Bond emotes (remember the famous James Bond intro?). Definitely the Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover we all deserve.

Fortnite chapter 2 CrossoverAQUAMAN

If Batman and Harley Quinn made it through, why not Aquaman? Here’s the thing. The new Season of Fortnite introduced us to some features that are way far beyond our expectations. Some of which include the use of Motorboats and the player’s ability to swim. You can even fish now! Since the new map is mostly divided into different bodies of water, it would be interesting to introduce us to some underwater structures or secret locations. In fact, if you explore the new map, you can find one of the hidden bunkers under the water. Since players are still not capable of diving underwater, all they can do is just take a quick glimpse of it. The ability to swim underwater would be an interesting addition to the game.

A slick-looking Aquaman skin would be awesome and they could match it with well-fitting Aquaman emotes. A special weapon like Aquaman’s Trident would be an interesting addition to the game as well. We may not have a new Aquaman movie until 2022 but it would be wonderful to see Aquaman-inspired Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover in the future.

Fortnite chapter 2 CrossoverRESIDENT EVIL

Fortnite Battle Royale may not have zombies yet because players only get to experience them in Fortnite Save The World game. It would be thrilling to see zombie-inspired crossover events in Fortnite. If there is one video game that fits well with such a theme, it is nothing more than the Resident Evil franchise. The remake of Resident Evil 3 was recently released last month and it would be fun to see some Resident Evil references in Fortnite. Imagine seeing some famous Raccoon City landmarks on some of the well-known areas of Fortnite. Some hidden Umbrella symbols where players will be asked to find as part of special Resident Evil-inspired challenges.

This potential Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover can expand to special skins like Jill Valentine’s iconic outfit or even a Nemesis skin. They can also add Jill’s signature weapons such as the Grenade Launcher and Jill’s Magnum. Chris Redfield’s knife would be an interesting addition too. Many Fortnite gamers are speculating that the Redacted Door found in Retail Row can be a possible merge to Fortnite Save The World game which might introduce zombies and monsters in Battle Royale. Whether it is true or not, it would be fun to explore zombie-infested towns while fighting against other players or teams.

Fortnite chapter 2 CrossoverPOKEMON

Okay, I know this is way too far from Agent-inspired theme but seeing these adorable pokemon is not really far from impossible. We have a walking banana and a buff cat in this season in the first place so anything is indeed possible. What really convinces players that Pokemon can be a great fit for the game is the character Skye and her travel companion Ollie which is seemingly based on a Pokemon. Ollie is Skye‘s traveling companion that features a Pokémon based creature with a red, elliptical body with yellow wings and horns. It can be used as a Glider.

Imagine having a badass Charizard Glider? Skellon, a newly added Glider skin is actually a golden skeleton dragon so you will have the idea of how a Charizard Glider will work. How about a cute Pikachu backpack or Ash Ketchum skin bundle that includes his famous cap. The Pokemon theme is indeed an exciting Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover that we all need to see.

How about you? What do you think is the most ideal Fortnite Chapter 2 Crossover that you would like to see in the future? If this is your first time to play Fortnite, we prepared the Ultimate Fortnite Beginner’s Guide for you. Good luck and have fun!

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