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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.1.4

download The CatapultLong before Angry Birds took the spotlight and changed the landscape of mobile gaming, there was once a flash game known as Crush the Castle. Yes! It is the game where the popular Angry Birds is inspired from. Back in the day, it is not yet a slingshot and short-tempered birds but catapults and castles in medieval time. BYV’s The Catapult is not, by any means, affiliated with Armor Games’ Crush The Castle but offers a very nostalgic game experience. The objective is simple, destroy the opponents’ catapults! If you think you are skillful enough to survive this epic clash, download The Catapult now and let your adventure begins!

The game in general is not as complex as the others. It’s simple yet surprisingly addictive and offers decent amount of challenge to keep you playing. The goal is to reach the highest level as possible by simply destroying the opponent’s catapults. Using your trusty catapult, launch the huge rocks towards the enemies to eliminate them. Just prevent them from crashing yours, otherwise the game is over. Feel free to download The Catapult and see how far your skills can take you.

download The CatapultThe Gameplay

The mechanics are very simple. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the battlefield. Your default stickman character (signature avatars for BYV games), will have his catapult on top of the medieval tower. The enemies, on the other hand will appear in random platforms on the opposite side. Although the top most priority is to eleiminate enemies, it is very important to prevent your catapult from being destroyed.

One thing you should known when you download The Catapult is how exactly the game progresses. The game takes you to a level by level gameplay but once your catapult is destroyed, the game will come to a quick end. Be mindful that the game will not save your progress and you have to start back from the very beginning. You can, however, upgrade your catapult to make you more efficient on the next battle.

download The CatapultAccess Shop and Buy Upgrades

One of the things you can appreciate when you download The Catapult is the ability to buy upgrades. Once the game is over, you can go back to the main screen to access the Shop and buy necessary upgrades. The player earns coins for every attempt. You can obtain this virtual currency from each catapult you destroyed and also from each Crow you hit. Crows will appear in the game from time to time and they often carry gold coins. Hit them with your stone and you’ll get the rewards in return.

The shop allows you to Upgrade your Catapul and make it more efficient. If you have enoug money, you can buy bigger and stronger catapults like Trebuchet and Double Catapult. In addition to that, players can also buy other notable upgrades like Hats and wide range of explosives. You can also buy additional protection to increase your defense.

download The CatapultExplore Two Player Campaign

If you think you already mastered the Single Player Campaign, then you might want to step it up by exploring the Two Player Campaign. If you download The Catapult, you’ll get the chance to invite another friend to play this game with you using the same device. Right! You are not opposing against an online player but another player right in front of you. In this campaign, you will have two towers on both sides; one for each player. The goal is simple, destroy each other towers. Each player has 20 Lives to spare and if you lose them all, you lose the game!

The players can enjoy the infinite ammo but they can take advatage of the crow. Like the main campaign, the crow will appear from time to time. Instead of coins, the player who hits the crow will receieve random explosives.

The Verdict

The Catapult is generally simple and surprisingly addictive. It’s more like a simplified version of Crush the Castle. The graphics are neat yet repetitive and it doesn’t offer much engaging details. Despite the apparent simplicity, the gameplay is remarkably smooth and generally fun! The huge amount of upgrades to unlock provides the game an incredible replay value and longevity! Overall, it is a great game you need to explore!


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