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PublisherSony Pictures Television
PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size233.6 MB
Latest Version1.3.1

Drac and his monster friends are back! Not for another movie but for another addictive puzzle game! Hotel Transylvania: Blast is an official game by Sony Pictures Television in line with the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise. Hotel Transylvania: Blast is a colorful Match 2 puzzle that will take you to a series of exciting levels with a varying range of difficulties. The main objective is to clear all levels by reaching your target goal within the limited number of moves. Interestingly, you will be accompanied by your chosen monsters and you can take advantage of their special skills. If you are a big fan of Hotel Transylvania, this game is definitely an interesting addition to your mobile.

Hotel Transylvania BlastThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Hotel Transylvania: Blast is very simple and easily manageable. It works the same way with your typical match 2 puzzles but they managed to incorporate some unique elements which make the game more distinctive above the rest. We have seen a lot of colorful tile-matching puzzles that share the same addictive concept including Toon Blast, Lily’s Garden, and Sweetscapes. The main objective here is to reach your target goal. Some levels will ask you to collect a certain number of specific tiles while others will ask you to pop all bubbles or drop items towards the bottom of the grid.

Despite the different objectives, the process of clearing tiles follows the same rule. Simply tap two or more tiles of the same color to clear them off the grid. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the puzzle grid filled with colorful tiles. Much like most tile-matching puzzles we used to play, the size and shape of the grid will also change dynamically per level. What really makes Hotel Transylvania: Blast unique is your ability to select a Monster to help you solve the puzzle and reach your goal faster. Monster’s abilities can be activated once you have collected the required number of tiles from the puzzle.

Hotel Transylvania BlastColorful Powerups and Boosters

Like most tile-matching puzzles, you can also take advantage of the colorful and amazing powerups in this game. The special powerups are obtained by matching 5 or more tiles of the same color. Matching 5 identical tiles will create Rockets which allow you to eliminate an entire row or an entire column. If you matched 7or 8 tiles of the same color, it will create a Bomb which can destroy all nearby tiles in just one tap. Matching 9 or more tiles of the same color will create a Magnet which allows you to eliminate all tiles of the same color from the entire grid. To create a much more powerful effect, you can also merge two adjacent powerups together. Merging two Magnets will actually allow you to eliminate all tiles on the grid.

Aside from the powerups, you can also take advantage of the consumable boosters. Players can purchase boosters during the game. Some of them allow you to remove a single tile on the puzzle while others allow you you to remove an entire row or an entire column. Wand Boost, on the other hand, allows you to shuffle the tiles. In addition to the basic boosters, you will eventually unlock more of them upon reaching certain levels. Players can also take advantage of the Level Chest and Star Chest. The level chest can be unlocked upon reaching a certain level while Star Chest is unlocked by collecting a certain number of Stars (players can collect a maximum of three stars per level).

Hotel Transylvania BlastUnlock More Monsters

Of course, this will not be a Hotel Transylvania game without our beloved monsters. Interestingly, these monsters are not just for display purposes and in fact, they can help you complete the puzzles using their special skills. Drac is the first playable character in this game. He can destroy 9 random color gems from the grid. To activate the monster’s skills, you must collect or clear a certain number of specific tiles. For Drac, you need to eliminate 14 pink tiles to activate his skills. The second character that you can unlock is Murray who can destroy random column.

Unlocking monsters is not an easy task. You need to collect Tickets to buy monster pieces in the shop. You can also acquire random monster pieces from various levels. Some characters to unlock include Dennis,Winnie, Blobby, Eunice, Wayne,and many more. New Monster pieces are available on the Shop for every 24 hours so better make the most of it. Mavis and Frank Monster, on the other hand, are considered premium characters and you can buy them using real money from the shop.

Hotel Transylvania BlastThe Verdict

Hotel Transylvania: Blast is a simple yet fun and entertaining tile-matching game. If you are an avid fan of this successful movie franchise, this app is definitely an interesting addition to your mobile. Appearance-wise, Hotel Transylvania: Blast is an absolute visual delight. The game managed to capture the characters wonderfully and the game is also complemented with well-fitting music and audio effect. To top it all, the overwhelming number of characters to unlock and their different abilities make this game absolutely enjoyable and unique above a typical Match 2 puzzle. Currently, Hotel Transylvania: Blast is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this fun puzzle absolutely for free. Have fun!

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