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PublisherFourThirtyThree Inc.
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+; iOS
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Latest Version1.1.5

Wars are so 20th century! Today we make fun of them in popular media. Bunch of people killing each other for money, ha! Why should Battle Boom differ?


Battle Boom is one of those games which aim for weird genre mixtures and succeed! This is, foremost, a strategy game, with some tower defense and card collection elements to it. Your goal is to play cards from your deck, which deploy troops that aim to destroy the enemy’s base. There are all kinds of units – footmen, snipers, machine guns, tanks, bombers and other heavy artillery. There are also some structures, which are usually the defensive type – like bunkers, but there are barracks and tents which summon new units. Also, you can deploy all kinds of missiles and bombs, aiding your people on the field. First, you’ll do that in the story mode, called the Stage. There you’ll compete against AI, in order to complete missions, and win gold and experience. Use it to buy new cards and upgrade the existing ones. There are also special events and PvP.

Battle Boom


As you start your match, you’ll be prompted to choose which of the beginning cards you’ll want to replace with some others from the deck. The idea is to go for the rushing, offensive cards first, and to put defensive and really strong ones for later use. You start at your headquarters, in front of which you can deploy your first units. As they move forward, the range of deployment does too. Your troops are pushing the front towards the enemy headquarters. To play each card, you’ll need points which replenish over time. Also, each of the cards has the timer which determines how long you’ll have to wait for that card to end up in your hand and be ready to use. You can see only one card coming next from your deck at a time. That way you can’t plan ahead too much. Just go with the flow.

Battle Boom

Units differ in health, range, damage, attack speed and their specialty. For example, heavy gunners wearing bazookas are really intimidating offensively, but are pretty much exposed to anyone to take them down really quickly. Same goes for the snipers. But, you can use your heavily armored units to go first and protect the squishy ones. Or throw in a bunch of guys wielding flamethrowers. I’d recommend completing the Stage and Event modes first, in order to gain some understanding of how the game works. Also, buy new cards and upgrade them in order to be competitive enough for PvP. Due to the fact that the battles are either 1v1 or 2v2, opponents are found quickly. Playing against real players is a blast, but it’s not as rewarding as missions, so expect your progress to suddenly slow down. Anticipate to grind a lot too, or pay, if you find it convenient.

Battle Boom


Need to get one thing off of my mind as soon as possible: the game is undeniably cute and awesome looking, but the chat boxes of your loyal subjects disappear far too quickly (pre-mission briefing). Most of the times I couldn’t manage to read what they are saying, and they often throw out little lore details or handy tips. If we’re going to talk about style, think Team Fortress 2. Nuff said. The effects are pretty cool also, and everything performs as smooth as silk. Music is also quite militaristic and epic, as are the sound effects. Since there is a lot of content, this title could use some new music tracks eventually. Only one flaw regarding the sound performance: you may occasionally encounter a bug – complete silence for a few seconds. Nothing gravely dissatisfying, just confusing for the first time.

Battle Boom

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