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PublisherBabyBus Kids Games
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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Latest Version8.29.00.00

download Little Panda's Candy ShopBabyBus never failed to deliver some wonderful mobile games for kids. They are behind some of the adorable kids games which mainly features their adorable Baby Panda characters. Little Panda’s Candy Shop is no different at all. It is an interactive and educational mobile game that is perfect for kids. As what the title suggests, your main objective is to help Kiki the Panda to operate and manage her little candy shop. The goal is not just to sell candies but also make them from scratch. Basically, if you download Little Panda’s Candy Shop, you will be dealing with step-by-step cooking, packaging and selling goods.

The game welcomes you with a very cute introduction. Little Panda’s Candy Shop will give focus on one of Baby Panda’s signature characters which is Kiki. Interestingly, you can actually encounter the same character in most of their games. In Little Panda’s Candy Shop, you will be asked to help Kiki in running the candy shop. Since this is a game that is mainly catered for very young gamers, kindly expect for super easy gameplay. If you’re looking for a mobile game for your kids, you should definitely download Little Panda’s Candy Shop and see what else this game has to offer.

download Little Panda's Candy ShopThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Little Panda’s Candy Shop is very simple and easily manageable. The interaction will vary. Some are tap-based while others require you to swipe the screen or drag items on certain locations. Again, the main objective is to run the Little Panda’s Candy Shop and the most interesting part is the fact that you are going to start from the very scratch. If you download Little Panda’s Candy Shop, the first thing you need to do is to gather all the main ingredients you need.

The game will give you various options including butter, sugar, lemon and egg whites. Some are purchaseable through virtual money. After putting all the ingredients on a giant mixer, press the button five times to start the process. This will provide you the base batter for your candies. After the first procedure, you will be prompted to the next step where you have to add the flavors. Once done, you will be prompted next to the candy molder machine. The process will conclude by selecting your preferred packaging before selling them to your shop.

download Little Panda's Candy ShopCustomize Your Own Candies

One of the best parts you or your kids will experience when they download Little Panda’s Candy Shop is the chance to experiment and explore. You have the ability to experiment with the ingredients and flavors and you can come up with tons of possibilities. Once you are in the flavor zone, you have three machines to use; the blender, the grinder and the Mortar and pestle. Each tool has their own set of flavors. You start off with some basic flavors but you can buy and unlock some through the virtual currency you earn.

You can combine different flavors in one candy. The more flavors you add, the higher the value each candy will worth. Another interesting customization that this game has is the candy molder machine. After combining the flavors, the mixture will be transferred into the conveyor machine. Here, you can select your preferred molders. You can also unlock others to increase the candy value. You can also select and match the candies to different colorful sticks. Once done, you can also select any of the packaging you want.

download Little Panda's Candy ShopA Perfect Game for kids!

If we are to describe Little Panda’s Candy Shop, there is nothing more appropriate than being a perfect game for kids. It is generally child-friendly in all aspects. After processing and packaging the candies, the players will be asked to sell them. The customers (also colorful characters from Baby Panda series), will approach the shop, one after another. It is not your typical restaurant time management games where the pressure is always on.

The rate of difficulty is not really increasing in this game and there is no level by level system. After selling all the candies, you will be prompted back from the very beginning. However, all the purchases you made will now be unlocked permanently and you can freely add them on your mixtures. Also, the more items you unlock the bigger the value of the candies will become.


Simple yet fun and entertaining. These are the best words to describe Little Panda’s Candy Shop. It is a great and educational game that suits perfectly for your kids. Not to mention the colorful 3D graphics that everyone will surely enjoy! The game is currently available in both Android and iOS devices. You can download Little Panda’s Candy Shop for Free! Have fun!

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