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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Latest Version2.2.3

clash royaleFor those who are still stuck with the Clash of Clans madness and looking for a quick break, you might consider playing Clash Royale! Unlike the critically acclaimed strategy game of Supercell, Clash Royale offers short-term combats which feature all your beloved Clash of Clans characters.  This equally addictive mobile app from SuperCell takes you back to the magical world of CoC but in a different gameplay.

The main objective in this game is to win over your opponent by successfully breaking through their defenses and destroying their towers. It may not be as complex as Clash of Clans but Clash Royale offers enough challenge and fun for the gamers to enjoy.

clash royaleThe Gameplay

Interestingly, Clash Royale features a combination of three strategic game genres. It has notable elements of classic tower defense battle, a collectible card game and a multiplayer online battle arena.  Mechanics are very simple yet players must still come up with the most effective strategy to maximize their winning.

As soon as the game begins, players will enter a small battlefield. The upper panel belongs to your opponent while the lower portion belongs to you.  Each base has three towers; the king tower on the center and the princess tower on both sides. Both players will start the game with four randomly generated cards from their deck. Each card features a spell, a playable unit or a building.

clash royaleYou can only summon the units on the field if you have enough elixr (which automatically replenishes in every second or two). Same thing goes with building and spell cards.  Players can only set eight different cards on their deck, a setting which they can configure before the battle starts. Although players are aware of the cards on their deck, they have no controls on which card will be drawn first during the battle.

The player with the most number of princess tower destroyed within the given time loses the match. Also If the player destroys the opponent’s King Tower, the game will immediately come to a quick end. Battles may also result to draw which often leads to Sudden Death match.

Collectible Cards and Upgrades

What gives the game a remarkable replay value are the collectible cards that players can unlock as they progress.

clash royale

Currently the game offers 84 cards to unlock and these cards will vary in terms of their rarity from common to legendary. Players can obtain cards through chests which also come in different rarities. You can collect chests every time you win a battle or through the game’s daily bonus features. You can also obtain them from completing quests or through special events.

Each playable card has its own attributes that can be upgraded. Unlike the typical card game, the attributes here are not upgraded manually. Upgrades can only be done if players earned the same unit card. Let’s say you have a Level 1 Archer Card and in order to reach Level 2 , you need to collect two more Archer cards.

2v2 Battle and Clans

clash royaleIt is interesting to note that each arena can be played in two different campaigns. You can play the main Battle Campaign where you will compete against a randomly selected online player while 2V2 allows you to compete against your Friend or another player of the same level. Playing against friends means you have to link your game account to your Facebook and invite others to play. You can also play the Quick Match which is a cooperative campaign. You will enter a shared battle field along with another player. In this mode, there will be two King Tower and two Princess towers on each party.

Clash Royale, despite the simplicity is still embracing its roots. The game will allow you to join other clans or create a clan of your own. Clans are mainly use for clan chat, card requests, and friendly or 2v2 battles and of course the epic clash of clans or clan wars! Leaderboards are also present in Clash Royale. Players are ranked individually (Local and Global) and by Clans and Clan Wars.

All in all, this game has so many exciting features to offer and we could expect more in the near future. So if you think you have what it takes to become the next Clash Royale champion, feel free to play this game and see how far you can go!

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