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PublisherNEXON Company
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+; iOS
Size90 MB
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Are you ready to ride the nostalgia train? Ever were a fan of CaoCao? Good luck trying to run ROTK The Legend of CaoCao without any hiccups.


I’ll just quote what’s written in the introduction instructions, while the game is being downloaded. Of course, if you’re short on time, just use the Auto feature. If you throw in a few Silver Coins, the game practically plays itself! Now, as a grown up, reasonable man, and as a veteran gamer, I find this offensive. You don’t? I couldn’t stress this enough in a review of another NEXON Company title I wrote – MapleStory M. If I wanted my game to play itself, I wouldn’t download a game, I would go for a movie or a TV series instead. The whole point of the video game media is the interaction – if you put an option to auto complete it itself, and then even ask your players to pay for it, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

That being said, it’s really nice to have something to read while the game is being downloaded. Even nicer that is a comic-book tutorial, but, since the theme of this tactical strategy RPG is much more serious and mature, the comic book style applied in these instructions seems unfitting. You take on a role of CaoCao, a legendary commander, who wants to dominate the Three Kingdoms. To achieve that, you’ll have to win a lot of turn-based battles which your troops will participate in. Winning those fights grants you new artifacts, or upgrades to your existing equipment. Sometimes you can even get points to recruit new commanders, which will bring fresh traits and abilities to the fighting table. Of course, wars come expensive. That’s when the strategy part kicks in – building bases and harvesting resources.

ROTK The Legend of CaoCao

This game is actually not working

When you come near the end of the instructions, you find out that there is an epic story mode, in which you can relive the grand adventure of the CaoCao from the 90’s (the original game) in a whole new shiny cloth. Even if you’re not a fan, all the information you get makes you feel really hyped about the game. And the more excited you get, more disappointed you’ll be to find out that this game doesn’t work. For some reason, your turns start auto-completing themselves, until you either get disconnected, and are left in a position you can’t play any moves, and are not sure how to finish your mission. If you’re lucky, the game will simply crash, not saving your progress, no matter if you’ve connected to a social media profile or not. This game is unplayable to the extent I couldn’t make decent screenshots of it.


Since I didn’t get to experience much of it due to this app suffering huge performance defects, known as bugs, I can’t actually talk much about how the game looks, sounds and feels. From some of the screenshots I’ve seen on the internet, I can see that the design team wanted to do justice to the original game, stepping it up with somewhat modern style, which is always for praise. The music seems interesting and fresh, and the game does feel it could be awesome, if it worked.

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Download ROTK The Legend of CaoCao for Android/iOS

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