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It sounds dirty, but it isn’t. Balls Race, a game in which bunch of balls compete for the first place. What is the prize? Download and win the Balls Race to find out!

People behind this title

Developer Ketchapp responsible for this title is a company working under the wing of a more famous name, Ubisoft. They’ve produced some of more interesting and engaging mobile games such as Finger Driver, for which I personally had the pleasure to write a review about. Then there is the Knife Hit, about which you could read on our website too. How not to mention the famous puzzle game 2048 that kept you busy for hours and hours. I had endless fun while playing their installments like Mr Gun, Space Frontier 2 and Fruit Master also. But, we are all witnesses that everyone makes a mistake here and there, so, there are some names that people from Ketchapp aren’t proud of, I guess. One of those is a game I wrote about also: Rush, and then there is this flop: Balls Race.Balls Race


In this one, the action is only one slide of your finger away! No tutorial, no intro, just slide a finger beneath your ball and the race starts! You have to think about two things while playing this racing game – your position, and the obstacles ahead. Fight your way through the first place till the end of the track and avoid obstacles. Each next track features more opponents to compete with. One hit, however, and you’re back to the start. So drive, or glide, or slide, or whatever does that ball do, carefully! Connect your Facebook to share your scores and to brag among friends!

Balls Race


There is not much to it. Just slide your finger from the left to the right side of your screen and vice versa, in order to avoid obstacles. Don’t worry about other balls, because there is no collision with them! In a racing game, really? And if it seems you have to worry about falling of the track, no, you don’t. The invisible and unexplained force will stop you from doing so. Nevertheless, you’ll have a hard time finishing the tracks, because of little to no time to react to moving obstacles and poor responsiveness of the control system. Not to mention those static blocks which start moving when you get really, really close to them. You’ll need a lot of luck to finish even the first track. So why make it harder with some original ideas and actually challenging stuff that you can beat thanks to your skills?

Good thing that you have the option to continue your run if you happen to hit an obstacle, right? Well, no. After watching an ad, it’s hard to get back straight in the action. Although, the game tries to put you in a safe position to continue your race, you’ll hit another obstacle in a no time. Then, you can try it all again, or maybe just skip the track? How often can you skip a track, you wonder? Well, you can actually skip the whole game, if you are willing to watch as many ads as an average American during one week! And their TV program features a lot of commercials. Worst of all is that you don’t have to bother skipping, because tracks only differ in their lengths and the number of the opponents. And why there is no option to play earlier tracks, beats me.

Balls Race


All the tracks are the same! No matter how far you manage to progress, or to skip to, you won’t see any difference in the visual presentation. And that is of deed importance to racing games with obstacles. Only the luckiest players will be able to pass those tracks in one run. For us mortals, difference and diversity of tracks are our most precious aid. You get to memorize where those tricky parts are, by grabbing onto a particular detail in the environment. That way, you get to prepare yourself for the obstacle next time you approach it. That strategy is not plausible in this game, because the tracks itself, obstacles and background, do not change. At all. All there is are those black cubes, somewhere static, somewhere moving, and ramps and speed boosts. The only thing that varies is the color theme.

Not only does the presentation avoid helping the players, but it makes this game feel monotonous and dull. The only visual excitement you can experience is when you see an opponent ball hitting an obstacle and turning into a black puddle. Even the flavor defined by the moving speed doesn’t offer that adrenaline rush feels you are used to in racing games. The visual approach makes that ball seem more like floating than it feels like speeding on a surface. Have I mentioned the music which is pretty simple, repetitive and make this game come off as even less engaging? It looks like the developers intentionally put in a great effort to make everything in this title be so immutable and inert. Using those two words to describe a racing game may seem like a joke, but in this case, sadly, it isn’t.

Balls Race

Lack of content

And just when you get tired of those repetitive races, you think to yourself – maybe there is another game mode to try out? Maybe a new world, or a race with more depth usage of that vast 3D space? Something with flying, more power-ups, or a way to customize your ball? At least a track editor or some multiplayer, huh? Well, you’re out of luck with this one folks, it’s just that one simple and dull race that feels like a never ending run. Sure, the numbers change (number of the track and other balls competing for the first place), but everything else stays the same. For. The. Whole. Game. Come. On! Then maybe it should have been an endless runner, and this lack of content would been protected by the concept itself.

Balls Race

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