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Checkers is a classic board game, like Chess or Othello (Reversi). It is also called Draughts in British English. And this game we are writing about is a mobile (digital) version of it. Its name is short and easy to understand, exactly the same as the original board game’s name – Checkers. There are many games on Google Play have this name as well, so if you want to download the game reviewing in this article, refer to the bottom you will see the Download Checkers APK for Android link.

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There is nothing complicated about the game as it bases on a real board game with clear and fixed rules. That makes the game feel light and easy to handle. Checkers‘ user interface makes it look more like an application than a game. It is very simple and clean with mellow colors.

Checkers‘ main game mode is Single player – play versus AI mode. You can play against AI with different hard levels: Easy – Medium – Hard – Expert. To inexperienced players, getting started with Easy level should be a wise choice. As Checkers does not contain any kind of tutorials or knowledge base, if you are a newbie and want to play the game, you should look for rule book or a digital version of rule book, tutorials (text or video) of Checkers/Draughts board game online using a search engine like Google. To get started is not hard as Checkers is designed to highlight possible moves you can when it’s your turn, like in some digital Chess games. But to totally understand all rules and mechanics, it should take up to 30 minutes. And like all games, you should keep playing and practicing consistently in order to master Checkers.

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Checkers does not feature online multiplayer. So you can only play local multiplayer (offline) with your friend in matches for two people like in the traditional game. This is like playing Checkers normally except for you play it digitally.

There are different sets of rules: American, Spanish, Turkish and International. You can choose whichever set of rules you are familiar with at the beginning of the game and make a switch if needed whenever you want to. You can even base on these default rules to create your own set of rules.

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The game also lets you change the size of the checkerboard (the board you play on) and its design (theme color); your Checker pieces’ color, 1 of the 2 traditional colors: Black, White. You may as well set pieces’ color as random. With that set you will play with any color the game gives you once the match begins. Changing the play board’s size should increase play time of a match and very likely its difficulty too.

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