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Latest Version1.3.1

How far is your knowledge about human anatomy? Just in case you forgot how our body systems work, you might want to consider playing this game called “Idle Human”. From the creators behind some of the unique incremental games like Sushi Bar and Gun Idle comes another fascinating idle adventure. Idle Human is a unique incremental game which allows you to explore the human body. It’s a highly educational game that will either teach or remind you of how the human anatomy works just in case you forgot your lectures in Science (Biology to be more specific). Generally, the main objective in this game is to create the various parts of a human body starting from the smallest unit which is the cell.

Idle HumanThe Gameplay

Idle Human follows a very simple set of mechanics. Much like most idle games, Idle Human features elements that work even without the player’s interaction. However, in order to progress in this game, you must manually upgrade certain features. Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted immediately to the human area. If you see nothing but a black screen, don’t be surprised because that’s exactly where you will start from. To start creating the human, you must tap the available body parts.

In this game, the human body is divided into four categories; the Support, Organs, Control Center and Protection. Support is the first available category and mostly composed of the skeletal system. You start by tapping the Leg Bones and eventually if you have enough parts, you can unlock the rest. Be mindful that you cannot upgrade a part if you do not have enough cells. The cells can be obtained in two basic ways. First, are the cells you automatically earn per second. This is where the idle element comes in. Cells are generated automatically even without the player’s interaction. If you want to earn more and faster, you can tap the cell icon as many times as you want. You earn a certain number of cells for every single tap.

Idle HumanA Fascinating Idle Game

Did you know that the only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye? I bet you are now aware that every time we blush, our stomach also turns red! Did you know that the total weight of bacteria in the human body is 2 kg? Do you know the name of the body’s largest muscle? Well, if you don’t, this game might surprise you. Idle Human is not just a fascinating incremental game but also undeniably educational. Everything you can see from this game is based on real facts and real terms. The game will never run out of trivia to share and you might be surprised how many things you did not know yet about our own body.

What you will really appreciate in Idle Human is the progress itself. You start the game with almost nothing at all but as soon as you upgrade the body parts and unlock other organs, you will see great progress in the human body. If Support is composed of the skeletal system from leg bones to the skull, the Organs are composed of all the delicate parts such as lungs, heart, kidneys and many others. As you continue to progress, you will get access to Control Center which is merely composed of all the nervous system. Protection, on the other hand, is composed of muscles and skin.

Idle HumanUpgrades and Boosters

Of course, an idle game is not completed without the upgrades and boosters. In this game, upgrades are applied to expedite and improve cell production. Take note that for every organ or body parts you unlock, your cell production will also increase dramatically and you can produce more by upgrading them. Upgrading Tap-on-cell production is the most ideal strategy to use to earn your target number of cells quickly. Interestingly, you can also earn cells even if you are offline.

Aside from the upgrades, players can also take advantage of the boosters. Time Travel allows you to earn cells in accumulated time. For example, you can earn the total amount of cells for 1000 seconds in just one tap. To activate the time travel, you need to pay gems which acts as a premium currency. You can earn gems through Spins or through the Store which occasionally offers free gems in exchange of reward videos. You can also use the 2X Speed pill to double up the speed of all the cell production.

Idle HumanThe Verdict

Idle Human is a simple yet surprisingly entertaining idle game. It’s fun and most of all, it is highly educational which makes this game suitable for all kind of gamers. Appearance-wise, Idle Human is also a visual delight. It features a nicely-executed and well-polished 3D graphics where you will surely appreciate every single detail. Bets of all, the game works well even without an Internet connection and the game doesn’t consume much of your phone storage either. As for the replay value, you have the so-called Prestige option which restarts the game back to scratch but with faster cell production. Currently, Idle Human is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this educational game for free. Have fun!

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